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Asset Management Thinking

How do you ensure your business (and assets) continues to be competitive in our challenging and changing environments? Business maintenance and asset maintenance are not surprisingly interlinked, with much of the logic used by the best asset management thinking being applicable to an holistic business maintenance perspective. This series of four short videos focusses on the key themes of Business Predictability to optimise performance, Business Compliance enabling reliability, and Business Cost Effectiveness driving towards operational excellence. For more details on business maintenance and further asset management functionality, please contact us at

Asset Management Thinking, Part 1:

This video is an introduction to modern Asset Management concepts – Predictability, Compliance, and Cost Effectiveness.

Asset Management Thinking, Part 2:

This next video in our Asset Management Thinking series explores the concept of Business Predictability to optimise performance. This video suggests ideas on how to bring stability, alignment and clarity to your business.

Asset Management Thinking, Part 3:

In this next video in the Asset Management Thinking series, we look at the concept of Business Compliance. This video helps you understand the different types of compliance and the necessity for your business.

Asset Management Thinking, Part 4:

In the last video in the series on Asset Management Thinking, we look at Business Cost Effectiveness and how this drives operational excellence. Watch the video now for ideas on how this could add value to your business.

If you would like to learn more about Asset Management in Dynamics 365 Finance please visit our YouTube channel.

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