Crisis Communication Solution

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Crisis Communication Solution

DXC Power Platform deployment services enables a platform for employees to connect, wherever they are – ensuring they are safe, they have access to current information, and business continues.

Solution Overview

Communication has always been a critical factor to success, never more so when dealing with a difficult, unpredicted situation that effects the way you conduct business. Microsoft’s Crisis Communication solution is built using the Power Platform that enables daily connectivity with your team. The ‘out of the box’ functionality allows you to stay in touch with your team through a single point app that feeds directly back into your managerial and administration teams.

The Crisis Communication application allows you to enquire about and track the wellbeing of your employees daily, enabling you to make effective decisions based on the feedback. The solution provides the facility to post important company information relating to the current situation allowing employees to remotely access using multiple devices so they can be fully aware of latest news. It also enables RSS feeds from reliable sources for additional external updates relating the current situation.

Key Benefits

  • Understand your employee’s situations – get daily updates on all employee health and wellbeing situations through a single platform
  • Communicate effectively – provide crucial business updates concerning current situation that help teams stay informed
  • Gain daily insight to plan – based on employee feedback you are able to make better decisions about resources and plan
  • Make faster decisions – respond faster to demands using the information gather from employee feedback
  • Reach employees remotely – employees can provide and gather updates wherever they are located using any device
  • Meet customer expectations – Maintain a good level of customer satisfaction by reassigning and deploying resources based on changing employee circumstances.

The core Microsoft Crisis Communication solutions is fully customisable allowing for flexibility should you need to track or provide additional information.
At DXC, we have already extended the solution to work internally to suit our requirements, so should you need more than the standard functionality our DXC team is able to add whatever you require. Even by adding functionality you could be up and running in about 10days.

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  • User-friendly experience – easy to use and navigate solution with built in workflow
  • Flexibility – a flexible and scalable solution that can be configured to your needs with seamless integration to existing solutions
  • Full integration capabilities – ability to link to any back-office solution and for you to analyse and react
  • Interact from any mobile device – non reliance on users having dedicated IT equipment, they can use mobile devices
  • Data insights – visualise feedback and take effective action based on real-time information
  • Rapid Deployment – Be up and running in 2-3 days, or about 10days depending on additional functionality requirements
  • Remote delivery – Solution can be developed and implemented without the need for DXC to be onsite, maintaining the safety of both sets of employees.

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