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eBECS Data Analytics

eBECS’ Data Analytics Practice offers far more than traditional Business Intelligence, our key pillars are:

  • Business Intelligence
  • SharePoint
  • IOT

Rapid Return aims to deliver quick time to benefit as well as more assured benefit. Its approach to identifying the information and analytical needs of the organisation is key here, eliminating the risks and complications that dog many traditional BI projects. Traditionally, there’s a consultant-led approach to Business Intelligence which involves identifying user needs at the enterprise level, and then delivering an enterprise-wide solution to meet those needs, starting with the construction of a data warehouse, Rapid Return, on the other hand, identifies the critical sources of information and provides immediate answers via visualisation and reporting, thus gaining user buy-in and delivering a virtually immediate ROI, this is the power of Data Analytics.

In other words, Rapid Return starts small, and then scales up: answering immediate needs through modern data warehousing; before moving on to the next requirement, adding value and ROI as the project progresses. We aim to empower business users as early as possible.

eBECS’ solutions are designed to meet the most demanding data businesses are challenged with be it corporate or social. Our solutions will let your business embrace and take advantage of our data-driven World.

eBECS – Power BI Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics

The eBECS Power BI Accelerator is a ‘quick-start’ solution for Microsoft Dynamics that sits within Microsoft Power BI.

The accelerator is listed on Microsoft’s PowerBI.com 

Power BI

Bring your business data to life with Microsoft Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect, measure and organize so you can focus on what matters to you. Stay in the know, spot industry trends as they happen, and push your business further.

eBECS can share their expertise as a Microsoft Data Analytics Inner Circle partner.

Unlock Your Investment in Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft are leading the way in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence, according to Gartner’s latest BI quadrant they were firmly placed in an enviable leader/visionary quadrant.  Microsoft enables companies to build high-performance, mission-critical solutions that help employees make better-informed decisions.

Many companies are unaware they may already be licensed, eBECS have helped organisations unlock their investment in Microsoft.

Unlock Your Investment in Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is leading the way in Business Solutions, according to Gartner’s ERP quadrant they were firmly placed in an enviable leader/visionary quadrant. Being a Microsoft product it is closely linked with Microsoft BI.  Microsoft BI enables companies to build high-performance, mission-critical BI solutions that help employees make better informed decisions.

Many companies are unaware they may already be licensed for Microsoft Business Intelligence with their existing Microsoft Dynamics AX investment, eBECS have helped organisations unlock their investment in Microsoft products.

ZAP Business Intelligence

eBECS have helped customers with these pre-built solutions that are delivered rapidly and allow businesses to quickly get critical information into the hands of their users.

This removes the burden of organisations needing to build a BI solution from the ground up that typically comes with long development cycles and high levels of risk that all too often leads to a failed project.

ZAP’s unique business intelligence software allows eBECS to apply deep industry expertise and data analysis skills to create business intelligence solutions for applications with Microsoft Dynamics.

Globe Atlas

Atlas is a World leading solution for Microsoft Dynamics with over 2200 installations for Microsoft Dynamics AX in a range of host languages. It supports Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, 2012 FP, 2012, 2009, 4.0, Axapta 3.0 and Axapta 2.5 and is the most flexible integration software between the Microsoft Office System and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Bottomline Transform

Transform offers true document customisation without custom ERP programming. It has enterprise-class functions for deployment, clustering, and load balancing, as well as improved auditing features for greater administrative controls. ERP-specific integrations are available for Dynamics AX. Connectors offer complete support for native output, transforming previous costly design changes into simple tasks that can be implemented without third-party consulting services. New documents can be accessed via specialised content and media attachment functions giving users access to any document from within their ERP environment.


Halo is a single solution for your entire organisation with enterprise class business intelligence built to suit your business needs.

eBECS have empowered organisations looking to analyse big data sources for sales and marketing departments and deploy multi-divisional analytics on top of existing ERP’s, including Microsoft Dynamics AX. Halo BI’s pre-built templates and data marts let you analyse, visualise and share information quickly and easily.


SharePoint makes it easier to manage your organisation by creating a centralised hub for content and managing processes and ensures you can have the security around any content you want.

Convert your time consuming and cumbersome manual processes into a SharePoint Workflow and free up resource for other activities.

Discover your content and take advantage of the extremely powerful SharePoint Search functionality, it doesn’t just search the names of your documents, it will read them and bring back results based on the contents of your documents and other content.

Show your workforce the content they need to see! Take advantage of audience targeting in SharePoint. Don’t make people look for what they need, make it the first thing they see.

Streamline your content by setting retention policies. Why store a document for 15 years if you only need to keep it for 3?

Internet of Things

Capture and analyze untapped data to transform your business

“With eBECS, I very quickly got to talk to technically-expert people who could clearly describe how they could help us, and what the solution would actually look like.” Duncan Macmillan, IT director Berendsen PLC.

The proliferation of devices and inexpensive sensors has created an incredible amount of data with the opportunity for customers to improve the operational efficiencies of their business and identify new opportunity to bring value to their customers. We will work with you to turn this data, our industry knowledge and your business goals into true insight for your business.

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