eBECS Events, Membership and Committee IP for Dynamics 365

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eBECS Events, Membership and Committee IP for Dynamics 365

Tue, 20, Feb, 2018 14:00PM - 14:30PM GMT - 09:00AM - 09:30AM EST

Join us for an introduction to eBECS Events, Membership and Committee IP for Dynamics 365.

This unique add-on business app has been developed by eBECS for organisations with a particular need to integrate the management of Events and Memberships within Dynamics 365.

The solution comprises the following main areas: Event Management; Committee Management; Membership Management and Table Planning.

The webinar will cover:

  • How to create and manage Events within Dynamics 365
  • How to create and manage Membership Products
  • How Committees can be created and Documents added against them
  • Using Table Planning as an Events add-on
  • Overview of how a Web Portal can be used in conjunction with the above.

Who is this Webinar for?

This webinar is suitable for companies who run Events and Membership activities for their customers and who are looking to for a system to help manage those activities.

Membership organisations, Not for Profit organisations, Chambers of Commerce and B2B organisations that hold regular events will all find this webinar extremely valuable.

The content is relevant to a wide range of decision-making roles, from marketing and event managers to IT professionals.

Why you should attend this Webinar

Events and memberships are key ways for organisations to get closer to their customers and can be a vital component in the customer communication and service mix.

During this short session you’ll see and learn how easy it is to integrate the management of events, memberships and committees into Dynamics 365 using unique IP from eBECS to extend Dynamics 365’s CRM and Customer Service capabilities.

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