ERP HEADtoHEAD, Crowne Plaza, Dublin

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ERP HEADtoHEAD, Crowne Plaza, Dublin

Tue, 16, Oct, 2018 08:00AM - 16:00PM BST

The Lumenia ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event offers a unique opportunity to meet, compare and experience leading ERP vendors and their products. This will be the 11th running of the event, the 7th in Ireland.

What is in it for you?

• Compare 12 leading ERP vendors and their products at 1 event
• Attend keynote speeches on ‘Are you ERP Ready?’ and ‘What Makes Successful ERP Projects’
• Meet vendors face-to-face at their stand or at a pre-arranged 1-1 meeting
• Review the products based on defined scripts
• Attend elevator pitches from all the vendors
• Listen to a panel discussion addressing the most common mistakes made during ERP projects
• Network and compare experiences with other organisations also planning to implement ERP

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