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With Homebuilder One, gain deep insights for making smarter and faster decisions with a business system that manages all aspects of the volume homebuilding process

Over the last 50 years or so, the top ten UK homebuilders have increased their share of housing production from 9% to over 47%, so their workloads are bigger than ever. In fact, in 2019 alone, the top four UK home builders all completed over 10,000 new properties. As these larger home builders continue to grow, they face several major challenges – managing multiple unintegrated data systems, time inefficiencies and the inability to easily analyse where margins are falling.

Solution Overview

Modern home builders require a scalable solution that can support process improvements and reduce costs across numerous areas, including land development, purchase and sales, right through to construction, vendor management and financial management. Homebuilder One addresses these requirements with a leading integrated solution from DXC Technology, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365.

It has been designed using industry best practice by industry leaders and offers a low risk solution for home builders using an enterprise scale, open-platform solution, with controlled, built-in business processes. It allows for real-time analysis and the ability to easily fine-tune processes, from contract/pre-construction, right through to close – essential for long term sustainability and growth.

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Key Benefits:

  • Benefit from a single, unified solution to manage all aspects of your business
  • Utilize the power of the hierarchy to manage less data and focus on exceptions
  • Increase profits through visibility of margin at every stage of the homebuilding process
  • Simplify your IT environment and reduce complexities by eliminating disparate systems
  • Enjoy the flexibility of a cloud-hosted solution
  • Sharpen your competitive edge by optimising business processes and operations
  • Drive smarter decision making with advanced analytics supporting actionable insight


  • Built on a single platform and database to make utilisation and analysis simple
  • Caters for land development, procurement, sales and design centres, operations and homestart, construction, financial management & customer care
  • Pre-configured reports, including margin analysis and work-in-progress (WIP) reporting
  • Real-time insight with dashboards built on Microsoft Power BI
  • Familiar Microsoft user interface enables users to get up and running quickly
  • Tight integration with Microsoft Office enabling more efficient data handling
  • Supports mobility platforms with responsive design, enabling bring-your-own-device (BYOD) preferences
  • Single sign-on using Active Directory
  • Single license model where all modules are provided within the one license

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