DXC Accelerator for Broker Management

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DXC Accelerator for Broker Management

Onboard brokers efficiently, track pipeline and performance, and improve relationships

Insurance and financial services companies strive constantly to improve their unique relationships with brokers in order to sell their policies and products.

Sometimes armed only with notebooks and spreadsheets, these companies struggle to manage the essential process of onboarding brokers, and then lack essential visibility on KPIs such as performance by broker, percentage of opportunities that are won/lost and which brokers bring in good business versus bad.

DXC Accelerator for Dynamics 365 for Broker Management automates onboarding a broker to ensure compliance with FSA, reduce error and speed up the whole process.

Brokers can also upload their unique content directly through a self-serve capability to vastly reduce the overhead on processing information.

What’s more, a centralised environment of brokers’ opportunities enables more efficient pipeline management and forecasting.

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Please download our brochure that explains how the solution can transform your onboarding of Brokers and managing of the broker/introducer relationship.
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Key benefits of the Broker Management solution
With a Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Broker Management, you can:

  • Have an automated broker management solution in place in weeks
  • Automate onboarding to speed up the application process in areas such as checks and searches, ambit process, approvals and admin and broker ratings and risk
  • Use workflow to expedite background checks to instantly assess brokers for compliance
  • Offer your brokers a self-service portal to save you hours of internal administration time
  • Take control of a centralised environment of brokers, business managers and their opportunities to provide accurate pipeline management and forecasting
  • Enjoy access to business intelligence (BI) dashboards and tools to see an instant and easy-to-understand display of KPIs
  • Be alerted automatically to any abnormalities or potential matters of concern
  • Know which brokers are working on which opportunity and be assured that this information will be retained if key individuals leave.

Clear, KPI-driven business intelligence and dashboards
The business intelligence dashboards are easy to understand and provide vital commercial insight into your broker/introducer relationship.

As experts in CRM, we know that this solution will serve to increase loyalty with brokers/introducers because it improves the way they interact with you.

This means you will be able to respond much quicker to sales opportunities, making the whole business interaction smoother, more efficient and profitable.

Examples of business intelligence dashboards

Features of the Broker Management solution include:

  • Broker Portal access
  • New Prospects (Leads) and Qualification
  • Broker Onboarding and Broker Management
  • Opportunity – Business Process Flow
  • Activity Management (Emails/Phone Calls/Tasks)
  • Competitors
  • Reporting Dashboard.

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