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As one of Microsoft’s leading global Microsoft Dynamics 365 partners and a specialist in total Microsoft Business Solutions, eBECS is working extremely closely with Microsoft on the rollout of Dynamics 365.

This unique expertise and shared vision makes eBECS the number one go-to partner for customers wishing to explore and harness the new and exciting potential of Dynamics 365.

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the next step in Microsoft’s investment in its cloud business software. As such, it reinvents critical business applications for the cloud age and promises significant benefits for businesses that have already invested (or plan to invest) in Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings together Microsoft’s well-established best-of-breed Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions into a single product offering, all online.

Just as Microsoft has put its Office suite online with Office 365, the same is now happening with Microsoft’s line-of-business software — hence the name Dynamics 365.

Critical business apps reinvented for the cloud age

Microsoft Dynamics 365 takes a new approach to business applications. It unifies Microsoft’s current CRM and ERP cloud solutions into one cloud service with new purpose-built apps to help manage specific business functions.

These Dynamics 365 purpose-built business apps are:

Each app will provide a modern experience and actionable insights delivered from natively embedded Power BI, IoT, and Cortana Intelligence experiences.

Dynamics 365 also introduces an extremely flexible licensing structure that will allow businesses to deliver just the functionality required for different teams and individuals across the business.

And of course, being online and following the ‘365’ model, these apps and associated business intelligence and insights will be available wherever your people happen to be.

What are the business benefits in brief?

The key benefits of this new way of deploying Dynamics and this new way of working are:

  • High speed of deployment
  • Unrivalled flexibility and agility
  • Potential for significant cost savings
  • Close integration of all business systems with a Common Data Model
  • Greater business insights and efficiencies
  • Improved productivity, customer service and business performance

Perhaps most importantly, the Dynamics 365 vision aims to free businesses from monolithic, inflexible business systems that, traditionally, have taken years to develop and deploy, and a similar number of years to gain any semblance of user adoption and acceptance.

What’s available to me now?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is both new and a natural evolution of the Dynamics family. While it’s built on the proven technology of Dynamics CRM, AX, NAV, and Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 itself is not yet fully released.

Many of the new tools, such as the Common Data Model, are still in active development. So while Dynamics 365 is here as a ‘first look’ release in October 2016, it’s not yet available for full deployment.  However, there is a middle ground.  Dynamics CRM Online and Dynamics AX both represent steps toward Dynamics 365. Investments your business makes in them now (or has made in the past) will not be wasted, as these current Dynamics applications are already set up to take into account migration to the unified Dynamics 365 platform.

Get moving with a Dynamics 365 proof of concept now

eBECS is amongst the first Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partners in the world to offer you a proof of concept and advice on if and when you should move to the online, cloud-based Dynamics 365 model.

Contact eBECS now to arrange a demo and to find out more.

Further reading

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