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Dynamics 365 for Talent

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent brings out the best in your people.

You can drive success by providing exceptional experiences across the talent journey – from attracting the right people with native LinkedIn tools to employee onboarding, engagement and growth. It is a single environment that leverages the common data services platform with built-in extension points for Microsoft Flow, Power BI, and Power Apps.

Talent automates and helps organizations manage administrative activities for both employees and contractors. It includes the ability to match employees to jobs that optimize their interests and skills by defining and mapping competencies, skills, education and development.

In addition, employees can identify career opportunities that can help them fulfill their potential and goals, and the compensation and benefits management helps organizations reward and retain employees that are vital to its success.

Personnel Management
Organizations must collect and maintain information that helps them meet regulatory requirements, helps employees develop their careers and contributes to the efficiency in carrying out daily routines.
Talent helps organizations manage basic employee information such as contact information, demographics, identifications and addresses. Organizations can also track information about employees’ employment, such as company or organization affiliation, start and end dates, terms of employment, pension, holiday and relocation information.
As a complete solution, Talent also maintains data and generates reports that can help you meet these regulatory requirements.

Employee and manager self service
Talent offers a single point of reference for employees to view and update their personal information, as well as see upcoming courses and reviews. Employees can also view any items that have been assigned to them and review their compensation. Managers can view their departments from a single workspace, including summaries of their team and they can find information related to the positions, compensation and performance goals, not only for their direct reports, but multi-level reports as well.

Compensation management
Talent can be utilised to help organisations manage standard compensation activities, including defining fixed and variable compensation plans and annual bonuses. You can also manage long-term incentives, such as cash awards, stock awards, and stock options.

Employee benefits
Employee benefits can be managed using Talent’s benefit management capabilities. Employees can be enrolled in benefits schemes based on eligibility requirements and determined by benefits eligibility policies and rules that each organisation defines to meet its own needs.

Competencies and development
Organisations can use competencies in Talent to compare the skills, knowledge or abilities defined on a job with the skills, knowledge and abilities that workers have already obtained. Organisations can track certificates that an employee has earned and also the education the employee has completed. Managers can examine current and future strategic needs to help their employees shape their own objectives and then identify the training needed to develop the required competencies

Employee performance
Talent offers a flexible framework for defining the performance management process. Performance can be a structured process with sign-offs and defined rating models or a continuous discussion between managers and employees. Employees can track their activities in a performance journal that collects the information needed for productive, collaborative reviews and goal setting discussions with their manager.

Organization Management
Talent lets businesses manage employee and departmental hierarchies quickly and simply. These hierarchies can be based on managerial reporting lines, projects or any other requirements defined by the organisation. The hierarchies can also be used throughout the application for example for approval workflows.

Course Management
You can manage classroom courses in Dynamics 365 for Talent. Courses can be created and maintained through course management. Once courses are created, organisations can manage participants and waiting lists for courses while providing an employee self-service experience for sign-up. After courses are completed, organisations can maintain a full record of course completion, along with the skills or certificates obtained through successful completion of courses.

Onboarding and business processes
The onboarding process within Talent lets HR professionals create tasks to track the onboarding progress of pending employees, as well as recently hired employees. The onboarding process can vary between positions and so multiple onboarding checklists can be created to fit the organisations hiring process. For example, a company may have tasks that need to be performed by every employee that is hired, plus additional tasks that need to be performed when hiring executives. Along with onboarding, there may be other business processes in the organization where tasks need to be tracked.

Leave and Absence Management
Talent offers a flexible framework for defining the leave and absence management process. Leave and absence plans can be created to determine how employees accrue or are granted time off. Once an employee has plan assigned, he or she can submit time off requests to be approved by managers. Absence tracking allows both first level managers and human resource managers to see who is taking time off and how much time off they have remaining.

The Dynamics 365 for Talent application scales to smaller devices, too, where there are mobile applications available for iPhone, Android and Windows phones. The new workspaces have been developed to provide a phone experience for employees and managers.

Attract – Hire
Dynamics 365 for Talent provides recruiters, hiring managers and interviewers a consistent view of candidates throughout the hiring lifecycle with built in integrations to LinkedIn. The candidate and interviewing team can view availability and have direct visibility into the interviewing team calendars. This is done through integration with Office 365 and helps reduce the time it takes to finalise interview schedules. Feedback can be sent to the hiring manager through a collaborative interview process to make the right hiring decisions faster.

Dynamics 365 for Talent provides onboarding solutions for new employees and candidates joining an organisation. Managers along with others, can contribute to the success of individuals joining their teams through this unified experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent allows you to drive success by providing exceptional experiences across the talent journey – from attracting the right people with native LinkedIn tools to employee onboarding, engagement, and growth

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