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Financial Services CRM Solutions

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system which provides firms of all sizes with the ability to create and maintain a clear view of customers, to identify cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, improve customer retention and overall performance.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers on results driven management of lead and referral tracking, comprehensive contact relationship features, improved productivity with Outlook integration, and business analytics including robust reporting capabilities. The solution will support advisors, business development and marketing staff by supporting key processes including:

  • Lead Management – CRM provides consistent and centralized process for lead creation, management and reporting. Leads can be easily imported into CRM from a variety of file formats. Leads can be segmented by a variety of attributes (client net worth, ranking, geography, etc.) for improved categorization and assignment to the sales team.
  • Opportunity Management – Advisors can manage sales cycles using a company defined sales process that is proven to result in increased close rates. Sales opportunity progress can be measured consistently across all the entire sales team. Sales forecasts and pipeline reports can be quickly generated by exporting to an excel spreadsheet using the most current sales information, improving adherence to sales reporting. Improved sales forecast accuracy, pipeline analysis and disciplined sales cycle management stimulate increases in close rates.
  • Client Relationship Management – Client records can be accessed, maintained and shared across the entire organization in a central repository with more complete history records. Reduced time and cost in searching for client records, transaction history and associated client information. KYC compliance and other regulatory requirements are readily met, reducing time and cost during compliance audits. Client information can be synchronized with a Blackberry or iPhone for off-line access to phone numbers, calendar appointments, e-mail messages, etc. 
  • Financial Product Management – All financial product information can be stored in a central database with related materials electronically retrievable. Increased revenue in new product launches as appropriate clients audiences are marketed new products in a timely manner based on their preferences. New products can easily be communicated to the appropriate Advisors and client base by sending e-mails with related product information attachments. Investment opportunities identified and managed in a structured sales process with sales stages to ensure client Advisors are alerted to next steps. Workflow assists in proactively identifying and moving sales opportunities through the sales process.

Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps financial services firms address key business drivers and challenges, including:

  • Need to Increase Sales and Customer Service Effectiveness – With a consolidated view of client and household portfolios, and easy access to contacts and activities through Outlook the relationship building and service execution by the Advisor and his team is simplified. 
  • Need to Improve Business and Competitive Intelligence – Access to knowledge base market and industry articles through Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives Advisors the capability to provide immediate and personalized service directly to the client.
  • Need to Increase New Assets Under Management – Single consolidated view of client and household portfolio information identify cross and up-sell opportunities.
  • Need to Optimize Sales Process and Activity Management – Marketing campaigns and customer events are effectively managed through campaigns, sales processes and/or workflow. This results in lead conversion to opportunities, assigned activities and referral follow-up.  Business analysis and forecasting is provided through pipeline and campaign reporting. 
  • Need to Improve Client Relationships and Service – Building stronger relationships, advisors will be able to track client’s investment preferences, industries or markets, stocks, and personal interests (i.e., sports and hobbies). Building personal rapport, generating new opportunities, or tracking client interests are all key components to establishing a successful client base in this industry.

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