Automating business processes with Power Automate and RPA

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Automating business processes with Power Automate and RPA

Sat, 19, Sep, 2020

Learn how the Microsoft Power Automate and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) improve operational efficiency.

Watch our 30-minute Power Automate webinar below.

“Automation” is often incorrectly perceived as a replacement for human workers. Mundane, repeatable processes cause job dissatisfaction and result in a disengaged employee. These types of processes range from entering data into multiple systems (e.g. CRM and ERP), repeating an employee onboarding process or transferring customer complaints from a paper form into an application.

Microsoft and Power Automate (part of the Microsoft Power Platform, previously known as ‘Flow’) provide simple, easy to implement RPA functionality to help with repetitive tasks. This gives the human worker a chance to focus on other business tasks and in turn, ensures these repeatable processes are undertaken by a more reliable robot, which can be available 24 hours a day.

This webinar will cover a real-world use cases and how Power Automate UI Flows helps reduce the reliance on manual tasks.

During the webinar you will learn:

What is RPA and what are the benefits?
Introduction to Power Automate UI Flows
Real-world DXC Demo
Other use cases and next steps

Who should catch up online?
The webinar is ideal for anyone involved or connected with IT Managers, Project Managers, Programme Manager, Developers and business decision makers

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