eBECS Power BI Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

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eBECS Power BI Accelerator for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

The eBECS Power BI Accelerator is a ‘quick-start’ solution that sits within Microsoft Power BI.

It provides eBECS customers with instant and user-friendly access to the data that resides within Microsoft Dynamics AX2012. It can be easily extended to include a wide selection of data sources, including NAV, CRM Online, Excel as well as Big Data Sources including the Internet of Things.

The eBECS Power BI Accelerator speeds up the process of creating Power BI content for Microsoft Dynamics because it includes pre-designed management dashboards that display detailed, accurate and insightful business information on one single-page.

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eBECS Power BI Accelerator provides rapid return

Many Business Intelligence solutions have proved to be complicated to implement, heavy on manpower and therefore expensive. They often require specialist ‘middleman’ skills to extract and deposit data into data warehouses, which is then presented to Business Intelligence tools to dissect and display on corporate dashboards. The whole process can be very time-consuming and the results are not always satisfactory or helpful.

eBECS Power BI Accelerator is different. It includes the highly valuable, easy-to-use eBECS Design & Modelling Tool, which gives users the ability to create data structures directly within Microsoft Dynamics AX. The models are then used to provide real-time, direct access to live data.

eBECS Power BI Accelerator works out-of-the-box with easy-to-understand content created by eBECS to optimise the user experience. Users can instantly build and view their own reports and make business decisions with complete confidence the data is accurate, current and uncorrupted.

Although designed to work out-of-the-box, every element of the solution can be extended and built-out to meet the users’ precise needs.

With the eBECS Accelerator you can benefit from Power BI faster than you ever imagined

Power BI for Microsoft Dynamics AX

9 out-of-the-box dashboards for key roles from CEO and CFO to Sales Manager

• Flexibility to build out roles and dashboards to meet business requirements

• Stay connected on any mobile deviceiOS, Android and Windows

• A huge range of business capabilities and benefits that will help you drive your business forward

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