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Does A&D Inhibit Innovation?

For years the standard software implementation approach was to spend weeks asking the business users what they want from a system, documenting the findings, designing solutions to this and building applications to suit. This is notoriously very costly, inhibits flexibility and increases project risk by placing a reliance on one large investment and longer term […]

This year’s going to be Extreme (365)

The annual Extreme365 event was this year held in the awesome city of Lisbon, Portugal. Annually, Dynamics partners and customers come together to celebrate all things Dynamics365, present solutions, discuss roadmaps, and generally get stuck into to some pretty deep discussions about the future of the platform and the quality of the local cuisine. A […]


Dynamics 365 – CRM – Duplication Detection on Entity Views

Duplication Detection is great when you remember it. I’ll be the first to hold my hands up and say its one of the last things I think about because it was so hidden away. Well now we don’t have that as an excuse. In Dynamics 365 release 8.2 when you create the rules they will […]


Successful CRM implementations of Dynamics 365 through Effective Organisational Change Management

The success of CRM Implementations using Dynamics 365 is grounded in both the technology implemented and the efforts to increase user adoption through change management strategies. Successful Change Management techniques discussed within this article focus on methods to increase user adoption. These simple strategies support the communication of organisational change based on technological improvements to […]


Are your Field Service processes doing the Job?

In any business, increasing efficiency while minimising costs is absolutely critical, and failing to recognize new opportunities can result in declining profits. This is especially true when existing systems do not accurately track resources and information. So how do you tell if your Field Service processes are doing the job, and when to re-evaluate to […]

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