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How the Public Sector Can Build Back Better

Finding actionable solutions to seemingly complicated problems is a never-ending status that many in the Public Sector space find themselves in. Tasked with ambitious plans of action to help governments to ‘Build back Better’, where can we start in this apparent ambiguous process? To help support the shaping of the future of any organisation, we […]

5 Departments That Can Benefit from Marketing Automation

Marketing automation – the name really doesn’t do the technology justice. While it’s true that a marketing automation platform can help you automate marketing campaigns, these robust systems are capable of so much more and benefit many areas within an organisation outside of marketing. In recent years, the internet and social media have changed buyer […]

An Education in the Transformation of Automation

Business automation refers to the software that allows you to automate activities and operationalise communications with the goal of managing repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Business automation platforms function as more than simple support tools. They change the role of marketers and other department heads by streamlining tedious day-to-day tasks so that more time can be […]

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Anyone can develop applications with Microsoft Power Platform

In 2021, more and more companies will experience the value that rapid development and implementation of solutions developed in The Microsoft Power Platform can create. “What’s interesting and valuable about Microsoft Power Platform is that it’s no longer your understanding and ability to code that lets you develop automations and applications, but instead your understanding […]

This is how HR teams become more efficient with Microsoft’s AI technology

Dynamics 365 Human Resources uses artificial intelligence to transform HR. AI or artificial intelligence is one of the big buzzwords in technology. It is something that becomes part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s asking Alexa to play music or asking Cortana to remind you to book an important appointment, we’re increasingly using artificial intelligence to improve […]

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