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We believe that the key to transforming your business and maximising your profitability is to unlock the power of your data. We, at eBECS, will help you to create intelligent solutions and harness the power of third party tools to enable you to make better, faster decisions.

We have an extensive and dedicated BI team who will work closely with you to identify requirements and architect solutions which deliver real business value. Our solution is no one-size-fits-all offering. We have a wide range of resources and strategies to help you transform your data into actionable insight.

Our Business Insights Practice offers solutions across all aspects of your business and is divided into the following teams :

  • Business Analytics
  • Data Platform & Modernisation
  • Internet of Things
  • Business Apps.

We offer training, Fast Series Templated POC, Strategy Review, Managed Service Offerings and BI products so you can leverage maximum benefits from data analytics and business insight.

Explore the many ways in which eBECS can help you unlock the value of data:

eBECS Apps as a Service
Transform your paper-based and spreadsheet-driven processes by creating custom business applications with Microsoft PowerApps.
eBECS Fast Apps
Create competitive edge with a business app custom-designed to meet your requirements in just five weeks.
eBECS Reporting as a Service
Gain all the business intelligence reports you need for a fixed monthly subscription.
eBECS FastInsight
Get fast insight into your business — reduce your Microsoft Power BI implementation from months to weeks.

Further Business Insight services and solutions:
Data Everywhere Workshops
Using our decades of experience, we’ve developed an expert-led eBECS Data Everywhere Workshop to show you what can be achieved using the right skills to integrate the right solutions with your existing technology.

eBECS Data Modernisation Service
Discover how to modernise your Data Warehouse to reveal and exploit new business insight.

Unlock Your Investment in Microsoft Dynamics 365
Microsoft BI can enable companies to build high-performance, mission-critical BI solutions that help employees makes better informed decisions. We, at eBECS, can help you leverage the resources available from Microsoft to unlock your investment and maximise your profitability.

Power BI
Bring your business data to life with Microsoft Power BI. Microsoft Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect, measure and organise so you can focus on what matters to you. Stay in the know, spot industry trends as they happen, and push your business further.

Power BI Mobile
Stay connected from any mobile device and get a 360º view of your business data on the go.

Internet of Things
Capture and analyse untapped data to transform your business. We will work with you to turn your data, our industry knowledge and your business goals into true insight for your business.

SharePoint makes it easier to manage your organisation by creating a centralised hub for content and managing processes. Our expertise will help you make the most of all SharePoint’s features. We’ll help you with every aspect from customisation and integration to functionality and training.

ZAP Business Intelligence
eBECS has helped customers maximise the benefits of ZAP Business Intelligence. These are pre-built solutions, so are delivered rapidly allowing businesses to get critical information into the hands of their users quickly and easily.

This removes the burden of organisations needing to build a BI solution from the ground up which typically comes with long development cycles and high levels of risk that all too often lead to a failed project.

We can optimise ZAP’s unique business intelligence software to apply deep industry expertise and data analysis skills to create business intelligence solutions for applications with Microsoft Dynamics.

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