Anyone can develop applications with Microsoft Power Platform

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Anyone can develop applications with Microsoft Power Platform

In 2021, more and more companies will experience the value that rapid development and implementation of solutions developed in The Microsoft Power Platform can create.

“What’s interesting and valuable about Microsoft Power Platform is that it’s no longer your understanding and ability to code that lets you develop automations and applications, but instead your understanding of logic, context, and flows. It gives people with little or no experience with IT access to develop digital solutions to large and small business challenges.”

This is how Mads Raaskov, Principal Solution Architect at DXC Technology, explains why many companies have shown interest in Power Platform in 2020.

In 2021, according to Mads Raaskov, the pace of development will increase, and the companies that are on the bandwagon will experience how much value rapid development and implementation can bring to their business.

“We don’t come and tell them how to become good business, but we can present a number of options, including how good a tool Power Platform is at taking their wishes and digitizing them. In 2021, more companies will see how easily you can digitize and automate your email correspondences, Excel sheets and manual processes,” says Mads Raaskov.

In depth with Power Platform

According to Mads Raaskov, 2021 will be the year when more companies ask themselves: “If we can automate our processes that are usually made manually in Excel sheets, how much time can we save, and what can we take advantage of that saving for?”

Concepts like “App in Day”, where companies and employees get a quick introduction to some of Power Platform’s options, have been running for a few years now. This year Mads Raaskov predicts that far more companies will be interested in digging even deeper in order to be able to get away from its Excel sheets and get started with projects where you can see the benefits of automation after days instead of months.

Obvious options

Among the low-hanging fruits that Power Platform can help companies pick, Mads Raaskov mentions approvals first and foremost.

“For example, it can be approvals to visit customers or access the workplace, but also approvals for expenses or travel. Here we can quickly help a customer implement a feature called ‘Approvals’ in the Power Automate part of Power Platform, which makes the authentication flow much faster.”

Instead of the individual employees having to know who to contact to get a given approval, they can get a dedicated system that asks for the relevant information and sends the request to the responsible person, who can approve, reject or ask for additional information in a few clicks.

Power Platform and Teams strengthen virtual workplaces

In 2020, most Teams got to know primarily about video meetings and chats. But by 2021, more companies will realise the value of Teams becoming the hub for productivity and collaboration.

“Teams stay there, you start your work, and Power Platform can support that feature. You have your tasks defined in the Planner tab in Teams, and with Power Automate, processes that are started elsewhere are automatically inserted into the relevant people’s to-do list in Planner.”

According to Mads Raaskov, the companies that choose to make the jobs fully or partially virtual based on the experience of 2020 will experience a special benefit by leveraging power platform and teams’ common strength:

“If you no longer have all your colleagues in the same large-room office, it should be easy and manageable to get in touch with each other and to have an insight into what each is doing. At the same time, Power Apps for e.g. travel approvals or equipment ordering can be built into Teams, so it is easy and manageable to search and get answers.” he concludes.

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