DXC & Microsoft helping frontline workers & other businesses power forward using the Power Platform

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DXC & Microsoft helping frontline workers & other businesses power forward using the Power Platform

The World as we know it is different right now

We are certainly in challenging times, having to make changes to the way we live and work in order to keep ourselves and others safe. Following Government guidance, wherever possible, we should be working from home – although for some workers, this simply isn’t possible.

Whether you are working from home or part of the frontline workforce, we’re all helping to keep the country going. The medical professionals and carers are working to look after us, manufacturers are doubling down to meet demand, retailers and wholesalers are keeping us fed and delivery drivers are working longer hours to make sure it gets to us. And let’s not forget the rest of the business community, who are working hard in these difficult times to keep the lights on and maintain economic stability.

Change of focus

Whichever industry sector you represent, these current times have presented new challenges. Organisations, no matter their size, are having to rapidly adapt due to changing demands placed on their business. Unfortunately, some organisations will not have the necessary resources or infrastructure in place to adequately address all these challenges.

Some of the key challenges that workers and organisations across all sectors are facing right now include:

  • Employee wellbeing – understanding the health of employees working from home
  • Communication limitations – keeping in touch regularly with all employees to share company updates
  • Collaboration – being able to engage with home-based colleagues supportively & productively
  • Visibility and forecasting – greater need to make effective, often critical decisions based on regularly changing data and insight.
  • Access to internal systems – remote access to internal systems to make updates without specialist, dedicated IT equipment.
  • Adjusting to home working – supporting your employees to be as effective from home as they are in the office.
  • Increased demand on resources – attempting to productively meet the demands of customers via a remote workforce.

Do some of these challenges sound familiar?

Don’t worry. Technology companies, such as Microsoft are doing everything they can to offer solutions to meet these challenges head on, no matter your industry or size of business.

The technology that is really helping

Over the last six weeks or so, Microsoft and DXC have been at the forefront of developing solutions that support different types of organisations including government, healthcare providers, non-profit, and education across the globe, quickly identifying the challenges being faced and responding rapidly with tailored solutions that address those challenges.

One of the primary challenges facing organisations is how to maintain collaborative communication to still get work done while prioritising employee safety.

Microsoft Teams is providing organisations across the frontline the opportunity to continue as per normal. The impact for using Teams has already proven valuable to many, such as a university in Italy which has moved 90percent of courses online to Teams within four days. In Pennsylvania a university health organisation has been using Teams video conferencing to treat vulnerable patients, there are many more examples of people and organisations benefiting from this tech.

Microsoft have also used their Power Platform technology to develop a Hospital Emergency Response solution, which is being used by leading hospitals and healthcare providers in the US that needed urgent insight around resources and their availability. Frontline staff are now able to input important information using their mobiles, which directly updates central administration, allowing them to make quicker strategic decisions.

Crisis communication with the power platform

Similarly, using a combination of PowerApps, Power Automate and Teams, Microsoft have created a Crisis Communication solution that allows the sharing of information and collaboration between employees to support home working. The solution enables employees to report working status, make requests, and receive updates. DXC can typically implement this solution in only three days.

At DXC, we have further developed the Microsoft’s Crisis Communication solution to make it ‘enterprise-ready’ with enhanced back office integration, gathering additional employee information concerning their welfare and communicating company news. This solution is already in use by over 7000 employees within DXC and is now available for other larger organisations that are looking for a simple and effective way to manage their COVID-19 related communications.

Crisis Communication

Also, to help organisations that have been impacted by a rise in calls into their contact centres, we, at DXC, have developed a Call Centre Queue Management solution that uses Microsoft technology to help reduce call waiting times and prioritise callers by providing them with a self-service web interface.

Last but no means least, and by no means the limit to Microsoft technologies that are helping frontline organisations, is the Power Virtual Agents Crisis Response Bot. The PVA team created a Crisis Response FAQ Bot that helps give quicker access to information via a chat interface embedded on your website. This provides your employees with standard responses to their questions and allows you to focus on other critical priorities.

Supporting Business as Usual 

Organisations are having to think and act differently in these current times. Our commitment, just like Microsoft’s, is to make sure that those organisations have the right tools in place to remain effective and to help maintain business continuity.

Microsoft is making many services (including those mentioned above) available Free-of-charge for up to 6 months to frontline customers*. These offers are in relation to scenarios relating to response to COVID19 only. To find out more please get in touch or join our webinar below.

*Qualifying customers include Government, Healthcare, Education & Non-Profit.

Join our on-demand webinar

To help you understand more about some of the solutions we’ve mentioned in this blog, particularly those built using Microsoft Power Platform solutions, DXC will be hosting a short webinar, which we’d love for you join. You’ll find out more about Microsoft’s Crisis Communication solution and how easily and quickly DXC can implement it for you. You’ll also hear more about the Enterprise version that DXC have developed, plus other solutions that could prove invaluable to your business during these challenging times.

Watch on demand

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