Dynamics 365 PSA v9 Release – New Scheduling Features – Part 1

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Dynamics 365 PSA v9 Release – New Scheduling Features – Part 1

We had a new release of Dynamics 365 on Monday and with it has come updates to PSA. This blog is going to run through the changes that have been made to the Resource Scheduling feature. The main functional change relates to being able to visualise a resource split of hours across multiple days and weeks.

Image below shows the updates to the PSA Find Resources visualisation, in a weekly view. Note Resource Territory is now available as a schedule assistant filter. This is an important new feature as Territory can now be used to filter geography more efficiently. As Organisation Units are often not granular enough and Business units are typically driven by security.

When selecting a specific resource, the Create Resource booking view allows for the scheduler to indicate if a double booking can be made.

Splitting a booking request between resources has become easier. In this process, I booked Laurel for most of the project, except the last week. This updated the booking required to ‘In Progress’.

When viewing my Schedule Assistant for this booking I can clearly see the remaining hours that need to be allocated. In the bottom right I can see a pie chart showing me the remaining hours for scheduling.

I have the same visualisations available in Hours, Weeks and Months. Below screen shot highlights Daily view.

When I return to the Project and view the resource allocations we can see that Rahul and Laurel are allocated to the project. Notice Rahul’s role has been indicated as Project Manager, not Architect even though we allocated him to this project a role as an Architect.

This is because Rahul’s default role against his resource is Project Manager.

Many of our customers find this ‘feature’ a little confusing. However, the allocation to the WBS is correct and Rahul will see in his task list the Architect task.

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