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Embrace the Internet of Things and create innovative business solutions in a matter of weeks

eBECS Fast things

Turn your business operations around with the Internet of Things

All businesses want to operate more efficiently, safely and profitably, yet traditional technology and manufacturing solutions can make this difficult.

That is why eBECS developed its FastThings solution.

The Internet of Things can help you improve equipment reliability, boost supply chain efficiency, optimise asset utilisation and control health and safety at all your sites remotely.

So, what is The Internet of Things?

Simply put, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a network of devices or objects connected to the Internet. These ‘things’ can range from a humidity sensor in a manufacturing environment to a gauge on an agricultural silo or even a washing machine in a home. By utilising embedded connectivity or a data gateway, all these diverse devices have the capability to transmit valuable data back and forth to a centralised location. Gartner Group projects that there will be 25 billion connected ‘things’ by 2020.

Whatever industry you operate in, you have the opportunity to use interconnected devices to create innovative new business applications that will improve all your business processes. All you need is a big idea – and eBECS will help you turn it into a simple IT solution, using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Why choose eBECS?

eBECS has extensive experience working with organisations across multiple industry sectors, to help them achieve their ambitions with Microsoft technology. While Internet of Things projects can often seem incredibly complex, our skill lies in creating simple, functional solutions – in the shortest possible timeframe – to deliver business benefits quickly.

The key benefits of eBECS FastThing service

  • Convert your emerging business concepts into tangible proof of concepts, with qualified business benefits
  • Deliver business innovation in weeks rather than months, following our proven project delivery methodology
  • Build an Internet of Things solution based on Microsoft Azure cloud platform and leveraging the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things suite of tools
  • Reduce unnecessary complexity to create simple, maintainable and scalable solutions that are integrated with your core business systems.

How does the FastThings service work?

The eBECS FastThings service comprises up to four stages, depending on each customer’s specific requirements:

1. Ideation workshop and proof-of-concept
The journey starts with a workshop attended by our experts and key thinkers within your business. We will evaluate your ideas for exploiting the Internet of Things, capture your requirements and brainstorm ways to meet your objectives. Then, we will draw on our experience and knowledge of Microsoft tools to develop a proof of concept, usually in less than two weeks.

2. Production build
In what is a highly agile process, we will next build a functioning solution to meet the needs of the business. We will deliver new functionality in a series of sprints and constantly evolve and extend the capabilities of the solution, ensuring close integration with existing business systems.

3. Deployment
At a time determined by you, eBECS will deploy the Internet of Things solution at your business locations, sourcing, supplying and installing any new hardware, software, devices, sensors or other equipment needed.

4. Handover
Finally, eBECS will hand over ownership of the new Internet of Things solution to you, supplying any requested documentation. We will provide training for users, as needed, and ensure that you have the confidence to manage and maintain your new business system in the long term.

Leverage and integrate your data

eBECS delivers its Internet of Things solutions using Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform and the Microsoft Azure Internet of Things suite of tools. This includes device interconnectivity and management; data ingestion, command and control; stream processing and predictive analysis; workflow automation; dashboards and visualisation and preconfigured solutions.

Additionally, we ensure that solutions are tightly integrated with existing solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics, SharePoint and Office.

Find out more

Contact eBECS and request a meeting with one of our FastThings specialists.

Download our FastThings solution summary.

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