eBECS Training for Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

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eBECS Training for Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

Gain all the skills and confidence you need to create custom business applications using Microsoft technologies

Powerapps training

Automate your business processes without writing code

Would your organisation benefit from replacing time-consuming paper-based and spreadsheet-driven processes with simple applications that streamline business processes? Traditionally, this would have required a knowledge of coding beyond the experience of most.

PowerApps and Flow are two products that have been developed by Microsoft to help organisations develop custom business applications, without the need to write code. PowerApps provides a user-friendly development platform for creating bespoke solutions, while Flow delivers over 150 pre-developed templates for processes ranging from setting up service notifications to synchronising files and data.

Become a confident user of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

The eBECS training course for Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow has been specially designed to give you the knowledge and the practical, hands-on skills you need to become a competent and confident user. eBECS was selected by Microsoft to be a Launch Partner for PowerApps when this platform was first introduced and our consultants still work closely with Microsoft’s PowerApps developers in Seattle. We therefore have an almost unrivalled level of expertise in this area – which we look forward to sharing with you.

You will learn:

  • How to get started on your first custom development
  • Which tools and templates to use to achieve your goals
  • Everything you need to know about the Common Data Service
  • How to ensure your new apps are secure and compliant
  • The best ways to integrate new apps with existing business systems.

Key benefits of attending eBECS training for Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow

  • Quickly gain the skills and knowledge you need to become a self-sufficient app developer
  • Improve your understanding of the capabilities of PowerApps and Flow, so that you can develop better apps for your business
  • Increase your productivity, with our tips and techniques for developing apps more quickly
  • Deliver added value for your business with well-crafted apps that are secure, integrated and effective

How is the training course structured?

Part One: Essential know-how
The training course commences with an overview of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow and introduces you to key features. This includes a detailed explanation of how to use the Microsoft Common Data Service to store and model the data for your apps, as well as set up role-based securities. You will explore the Microsoft App Creator and administration capabilities to gain a detailed understanding of how to build and manage new apps.

Part Two: Hands-on labs
The demonstration session then enables you to gain inspiration from seeing apps successfully deployed in other organisations. In the eBECS training labs, you will have the opportunity to create a fully operational app yourself, built using PowerApps, extended with Flow and connected to the Common Data Service. In this way you will gain hands-on skills under the close guidance of our experts and cement the knowledge you gained earlier in the day.

The eBECS Training for Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow is a one day course, held at fully equipped training centres. Refreshments and lunch are included in the cost, and customers who attend the course will receive discounts on any additional PowerApps services delivered by eBECS.

Additionally available from eBECS
We also offer on-site PowerApps workshops giving guidance on specific developments for your business; the eBECS FastApps Service, to help you design, build and deliver apps and the eBECS Apps-as-a-Service, a cost effective way of benefiting from lots of new apps.

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