Enhancing (not damaging) your business through innovation and new technologies

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Enhancing (not damaging) your business through innovation and new technologies

Following on from a recent article on Power Apps and the Power Platform, empowering the people in your business to innovate and create solutions to business challenges and needs; below highlights some of the potential challenges with this approach and the considerations to ensure a scalable enterprise framework for innovation.

The growth of Power Apps

The lower barriers to entry (low/no code, lower costs, better UX) combined with increasing business requirements are driving an upsurge in the numbers of people developing apps within organisations and an exponential growth in Power Apps and active developers on the Power Platform.

These citizen developers or Power users are no longer the sole domain of the IT and Developer teams and more often come from within the business units as owners of business objectives and targets. How do businesses foster and encourage this growth in innovation without disrupting business operations? How do you ensure the correct foundations for your organisation to build upon? How do you provide citizen developers with the skills and best practices needed to empower them to innovate, supporting a common and scalable framework? How do you ensure that your now business critical applications are supported and maintained for the future?

Why is this so difficult?

  • Provisioning, capturing and storing data in a secure and structured way is complex and must be properly supported
  • Taking time out for learning can be difficult; suitable training environments are not always readily available
  • Ease-of-use can belay the need for best practice and governance
  • Building out a single application may be straightforward. Building out an enterprise scale framework, however, is essential for long term sustainability


How can you get started on app production and ensure you get it right first time? How do you develop a Centre of Excellence to support an enterprise scale framework? Your IT department can support the business in allowing these new technologies to thrive and leading on the strategies needed to implement at each stage of your digital transformation. DXC’s PowerOps solution can guide you in this approach with stakeholder training (getting started, best practices, design patterns and application lifecycle management); support and managed service offerings to ensure your critical solutions are supported with SLA’s and upgrade services; and monitoring tooling to govern deployments and developments, ensuring you are supporting your business users and adhering to data security best practice.

Take a look at this short video presented by DXC CTO Paul Saxton, discussing the benefits of PowerOps.

Join our webinar series to hear more on the Power Platform and how DXC’s PowerOps solution can support you in building the scalable framework required to maximise your return on investment in the Power Platform.

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Author: Jill Carroll – Product Marketing Manager

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