Fast, Intelligent customer service that empowers your remote agents

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Fast, Intelligent customer service that empowers your remote agents

The necessity to work remotely has increased in recent times for obvious reasons. Businesses have had to adapt to address the new challenges in order to keep the lights on and provide customers with the level of service they have come to expect.

This is particularly true for businesses that operate contact centres. The usual buzzing office environments are now sparsely populated with a large majority of employees having to work remotely. The challenge for the business is how to best support their employees so they are able to work, remain productive and continue to provide a high-level of customer satisfaction in order to maintain customer retention.

So, as a business what do you need to do? Well, to ensure delivery of high levels of customer service, your agents need to have the right tools in place.

For remote agents, call scripting enables them to be up and running quicker, deliver a high-quality, consistent customer experience and most importantly, solve customer issues quicker.

DXC Intelligent Survey for contact centres

At DXC, we provide call scripting within the DXC Intelligent Survey tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365. This quickly enables contact centres to streamline their business processes and empower their remote agents.

The agent is presented with a pre-defined process, directly from a case record within Microsoft Dynamics 365. To enable the agent to capture the details of a customer issue, such as an electrical fault, they are presented with a dialog containing pre-defined questions. Branching logic on the questions takes the agent down the right path of subsequent questions, depending on how the customer answers.


Call Scripting within Microsoft Dynamics 365

The information that has been captured by the agent during a call is automatically populated into the Case Record fields and used to define the Case Type and Incident Type. The updating of these fields can also trigger automated processes.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Case record automatically updated

Key benefits of DXC Intelligent Survey

  • Increase customer satisfaction — scripted, structured approach for capturing information
  • Create call scripts quickly — choose from pre-defined templates or configure a new template using the intuitive ‘drag and drop’ designer
  • Save time — quickly copy, adapt and re-use previously created call scripts
  • Reduce staff training — intuitive tools mean less training for new recruits
  • Aid compliancy — with full audit trail and date stamping

Flexible and adaptable call scripting templates

The ability to adapt and change is vital for keeping up with the changes facing today’s contact centres. DXC Intelligent Survey allows for call scripting templates to be easily updated by super users with an intuitive visual designer.

DXC Intelligent Survey Intuitive Designer

The survey template is built up of various question types with configurable actions, enabling the call centre agent to be guided down different paths and for alert messages to be shown to prompt them to ask the customer an important question.

Configurable Actions

Multiple call scripting templates can be created and configured to cover different business scenarios, for example, for an electrical fault or a water leak. Trained super users can quickly and easily create new survey templates using the easy-to-use visual survey designer.

Interested in finding out more about DXC Intelligent Survey?

If you’re looking for an easy way to transform your call scripting and empower your remote contact centre agents, contact us at for a free business assessment.

Alternatively, to get a flavour of the solution you can watch our webinar ‘Do you conduct call-scripts for contact centres?’ that we recently hosted – access the recording by clicking the link.

Author: Alice Walton – DXC Solutions Consultant 

Alice’s Microsoft Business Applications expertise spans nearly a decade. She is the Product Manager for the DXC Intelligent Survey IP and leads both the Intelligent Survey IP and the Customer Engagement Pre-Sale teams. She has implemented Dynamics projects for customers in various industries and strives to add value to clients. Outside of work, Alice is an avid cyclist and loves to participate in triathlon and mountain bike events.

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