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Microsoft Dynamics AX 7

At eBECS, we are extremely excited as we are now just a few shorts months away from the release of the new version of Microsoft Dynamics AX. Dynamics AX ‘7’ will supersede the current version of Dynamics AX2012 or Dynamics AX 6 as it is sometimes referred to.  

Dynamics AX ‘7’ will deliver a new web browser based user experience and new deployment options for existing users.  A web browser based application will make Dynamics AX more accessible on a wider range of devices and provide true choice when it comes to deployment options. Following on from the highly successful Dynamics CRM Online offering, Dynamics AX ‘7’ will be delivered as both a Microsoft Azure hosted solution, together with the traditional on-premise offering.

What are the expected timescales?

Microsoft Dynamics AX ‘7’ will be released in two waves, online first and then an on-premise version to be released a few months later.  We expect the Microsoft Azure hosted Dynamics AX ‘7’ to be released at the end of 2015 and Microsoft will be releasing more details about this at Convergence in Barcelona later this year.

In terms of the on-premise solution, we expect that to be released a few months later, around June 2016.  The on-premise version will still benefit from the new Web Browser based client which will allow users within your organisation to access Dynamics AX from a wider range of devices.

What new functionality will be enhanced in Dynamics AX ‘7’?

The first release of Dynamics AX ‘7’ will be based on the functionality that is currently available in Dynamics AX 2012 R3 CU9.  There are many benefits to this approach for users of Dynamics AX including:

  1. Projects that are currently being implemented in Dynamics AX 2012 can be moved to Dynamics AX ’7’ easily and at the appropriate time, as they share a common functionality base.  This means current projects can continue without needing to wait for Dynamics AX ‘7’
  2. Users who choose to upgrade to Dynamics AX ‘7’ from Dynamics AX 2012 will be familiar with the functionality in the product, meaning they only need to familiarise themselves with the new user interface and not worry about learning new functionality
  3. Existing upgrade tools from other versions of Dynamics AX will enable users to migrate from earlier versions to the very latest version

Where can I go to find out more information?

In the first instance, we would recommend you join us in Barcelona at the end of November for customer convergence where you can find out all the latest information direct from Microsoft.  If you cannot join us in Barcelona, eBECS will be running a Dynamics AX ‘7’ update session early in the New Year. 


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