Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX7) Financials: Accounting Source Explorer

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX7) Financials: Accounting Source Explorer

What is the Accounting Source Explorer and how will it benefit you?

The Microsoft Dynamics Ax Accounting Source Explorer is a new feature, that allows you to scope in on Ledger Accounts in your trial balance. Located in the Trail Balance under the Inquiries and Reports List page in the General Ledger, the Accounting Source Explorer is easy to access and will help companies understand individual transactions. The basic view of the Trial Balance (Figure 1) allows you to see the Ledger Account, Name, Opening balance, Debit, Credit, and Closing balance.

Microsoft Dynamics AX Accounting Source Explorer

The Accounting Source Explorer gives you the ability to drill down into a selected Ledger account in order to view every detail of transaction associated with that ledger account. Once in the screen, you will be able to access any information you need. Compared to the basic view of the Trail balance, the Accounting Source Explorer helps to locate and provide all necessary information in a single line. Information includes; journal numbers, vouchers, document date, posting types, transaction type, the line number where the transaction is located in a Journal, Project ID, item code, quantity and units, supplier/customer name, tax, etc.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 orders accounting

The Accounting Source Explorer is helpful in many ways. One example is if you are trying to process month-end/year-end closing and you have discrepancies between Ledger accounts and a Customer Aging Report, you can quickly view all transactions to locate the issues in this screen. If you have an issue with certain posting profiles posting transactions to the wrong accounts you can locate the recent transactions in the Accounting Source Explorer and correct them.

The Accounting Source Explorer is a great addition to the financials section of the new Microsoft Dynamics AX (V7). From the Accounting Source Explorer, you can access the voucher transaction and access the transaction origin and the original document. The ability to access all of this information straight from the Trail balance will be a game changer for Microsoft Dynamics AX users.


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