Microsoft Dynamics AX (V7): Filtering Records in Sales and Marketing

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Microsoft Dynamics AX (V7): Filtering Records in Sales and Marketing

In Microsoft Dynamics AX (V7), there are several new features related to Sales orders and filtering records. The brand new updated look of Microsoft Dynamics AX is vastly different from the previous AX 2012 version. In this post, we will go over some of the basics that have changed in terms of navigation for All List Pages – with focus especially on the All Sales Order List Page. We will also briefly over go the Sales and Marketing workspaces – these are specific role pages that will help users by giving them an overall view of what is currently in the pipeline.

There are several ways to filter records in Microsoft Dynamics AX. We will go over the following:

1) Filter by Selection

2) Filter by Grid

3) Add fields to the List Page

4)  Advanced Filtering/Sorting

5)  Saving a Filter.

To begin, when you first enter Microsoft Dynamics AX, you will notice the new Home Page. To navigate to the Sales and marketing module. Click on the Information bars on the right side of the Dynamics AX Title.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  orders

When you select the Information bar, you will be greeted with the Navigation Bar. The structure of the navigation bar complies with functional areas like Accounts payable, Budgeting or Production control referring to the different standard roles in the industry.

 Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  orders

Scroll down to Sales and Marketing. Click on the Arrow on the right side to view the specific navigation items that will take you to specific menu pages. Select Sales orders and Click on All Sales Orders. This will open your screen to the All sales order List page. Notice that the List page is blue. This will allow you to open the form where all sub menu items such as Sales Journal and Order confirmation will take you to through more menu items.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  orders

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  orders

In order to work in a table with numerous records efficiently, it is crucial to quickly find the records in demand. For this purpose, the functions Filter, Find and Sort are still available in list pages and forms.

Filter by Selection  

On the top left of the list of records, notice a search bar with Filter text in gray. The filter pane provides the easiest way to filter records. After entering characters into the filter field as needed, apply the filter by selecting the field in which you want to filter by based on the criteria you enter. In the example below, I am filtering by Sales order for the Return type. Notice that whenever you enter characters into the filter pane, all fields currently on display for the record will be displayed for selection.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  orders

After entering characters into the search bar with the selected field, apply the filter by clicking the Enter key.

Filter by Grid

Another option for more advanced filtering is to click on the Filter icon on the left of the screen. When this is selected, it will open up a new form that will allow you to filter the record based on multiple fields and multiple criteria. To begin, click on Add a filter field. This will then display all the possible fields to filter on from the Sales order List page. It will give you the Field name, the type of field, and which table the field is derived from. In the example below, I selected the field Customer name. The default filter criteria is “begins with”, however, the user can select the arrow and be able to view records based on other filter criteria. Once the filter criteria is complete, apply the filter by clicking Enter.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Sales orders

Add fields to the List Page

To personalize the table and add fields, navigate to the front of the table and left click (you must make sure you don’t select a specific field). Select Personalize: Grid. You will be greeted with a message box that has a variety of options to customize your view. Select ‘Add a field’. A form will appear on the right side of the screen. This form contains all the fields that are possible to add to the List page. To add a field, check the box on the left side of the form and click Insert. Multiple fields can be added from this form.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  orders


Microsoft Dynamics AX 7  orders

Advanced Filtering/Sorting 

If you have to enter complex filter criteria, apply the advanced filter in list pages by pushing the shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+F3.

The advanced filter opens a separate form, which displays a different view of the criteria entered in the filter by selection and the filter by grid. In addition, the advanced filter provides the option to set a filter on fields, which do not show on the list page.

If you need to enter an additional criterion in the advanced filter, insert a record in the filter form by clicking the button Add. In the new filter line, enter the criterion in the columns Table, Derived table, Field andCriteria. The fields Table and Derived table of a new line by default contain the basic table of the filtered list page. In case of simple criteria, you don’t have to change it.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Sales orders

Saving a Filter 

If you frequently need particular filter criteria or if you want to apply them in your favorites, you can save them. The button Modify / Save as in the advanced filter form allows saving filter criteria. A dialog box then requires entering a filter name.

Saved filters are stored in your Usage data, which means that nobody else can use your saved filters. In order to select a saved filter, choose it in the lookup of the field Select query in the advanced filter form as shown in Figure 2-21.

In addition to the filters saved manually, the filter you have used the last time is available in every pane by selecting the option Previously used query in the Select query lookup.

Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 Sales orders


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