Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management – Custom Work Types and Data Capture in the Mobile Device

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Microsoft Dynamics AX Warehouse Management – Custom Work Types and Data Capture in the Mobile Device

Custom work types are a great feature in Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3 that enable users to either capture specific data that is not part of the normal “Pick” and “Put” operations available or trigger special functionality when performing work in the warehouse. An example of this might be that your company has a secondary serial number for items for warranty purposes, but you don’t hold that serial number in stock as a dimension like standard serial numbers. Or perhaps you want special notes to print, but only when certain work templates are used. Custom work types allow for this functionality.

The first step is creating the Custom work type:

The Capture data checkbox ensures that whatever the user scans or enters during that step of the work is captured against the work ID so you can later go into that work ID and reference it. The custom method field would only be used if you need to write custom code to trigger specific functionality during this step that is not standard Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Next, you need to insert the Custom work type into your work template at the step it should occur in the flow (note: Custom work types cannot be the last step in the work template):

As shown above, I am asking the users to enter or scan the Warranty serial number after they pick the item from its location, but before they put it to a Staging location.
Once that is done, the step is available when work is processed through that Work template.
Here’s an example of what the user would see in the Mobile Device after the Pick step:
They would then scan or enter the information required:
And continue processing the work.
After the work is completed, that data is held in Microsoft Dynamics AX so it can be looked up for reference:
So as long as you can find the Work ID, you can find the data and since the Work ID is attached to the order number it was created from, you have easy access to all the information you need.

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