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Building a new IT foundation for the construction industry

A construction company, an engineer-to-order manufacturer and a professional services organisation may seem like very different businesses on the surface, but as project-centric organisations, they share the same fundamental driver of their success – the ability to win, plan, manage and deliver timely, profitable projects. Turning great customer wins into bottom-line results and satisfied customers […]

Is there an easy way to create a report in Power Apps?

Back in 2015, Microsoft introduced Power Apps and with it gave everyone a way to quickly build and share low code applications. Their prebuilt templates and drag and drop simplicity made it possible for businesses to increase their agility and get productivity enhancing software into the hands of customers and employees alike. This democratization of […]

How Microsoft’s AI technology is making HR teams more efficient

AI, or Artificial Intelligence to use its full name, is one of the buzzwords in technology. It’s something that is becoming part and parcel of our everyday lives. Whether it’s asking Alexa to play music or telling Cortana to remind you to book that important appointment, we increasingly use AI to enhance our lives. The […]

Low code, but high-value added with the Power Platform!

It’s safe to say that we are firmly within an era where digital transformation is on the minds of many business leaders looking at evolving their IT landscape. New technologies have emerged that  offer businesses the opportunity to have a positive impact on digital disruption. Though some of these technologies prove to be expensive and […]

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Asset Management Thinking

How do you ensure your business (and assets) continues to be competitive in our challenging and changing environments? Business maintenance and asset maintenance are not surprisingly interlinked, with much of the logic used by the best asset management thinking being applicable to an holistic business maintenance perspective. This series of four short videos focusses on […]


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