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At the Hub of the Business?

The full value of the Microsoft Surface Hub will only be realised if it’s part of a digital transformation says Rufus Lunn of EBECS Anyone using Microsoft products (and let’s face it, that includes most of us) will probably agree it was only a matter of time before the tech giant looked at the whole […]

Microsoft Surface Hub – What’s the RoI?

Forrester puts the Microsoft Surface Hub through its paces, says Rufus Lunn of eBECS Are you considering investing in Microsoft Surface Hubs for your meeting rooms?  If it’s on the agenda, but the costs are causing a few ripples amongst colleagues, it could be worth taking a look at a Forrester report published last year. […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA v9 Release – New Scheduling Features – Part 1

We had a new release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA on Monday.  This article is going to run through the changes that have been made to the Resource Scheduling feature. The main functional change relates to being able to visualise a resource split of hours across multiple days and weeks. Image below shows the updates […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA v9 Release – New Scheduling Features – Specify Patterns – Part 2

Another new feature that has appeared with the latest release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA is Specify Pattern. This feature is only available when selecting a Generic Resource that has not been booked yet. This new feature allows for a Resource Manager or Project Manager to specify when exactly that resource is booked, with a […]

Understanding PSA Data: Blog 1: Welcome and Organizational Units

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation (PSA) is an app provided as part of the Dynamics 365 suite. The app has a lot of functionality and can be used as standard. However, to use it as standard, you need to understand all the data that is driving the functionality in PSA. This Blog Series is […]

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