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Enhance Self-Service Power BI with Microsoft Power Automate f

I was recently architecting a solution for a customer that required a combination of self-serve and IT governed Power BI reporting.  They wanted a simple a process to create, edit, and manage their content – without the danger of unvalidated reports being published into the production app workspace. The customer’s existing process was very manual […]

Hybrid Strategies and Microsoft Azure

Working with our customers in recent years, it goes without say that we’re always creating or on the pathway to create a cloud strategy. Whether this has been consuming Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) features or more recently SaaS (Software as a Service) products like Dynamics 365, these have been the real entry point […]


Great expectations, transforming your organisation through analytics

The sheer amount of data needed by the modern enterprise is simply staggering. No longer is this data sourced exclusively by back office business systems. Instead, data is generated by the devices which monitor our factories, manage our warehouses and track our assets. These sources are supplemented by external data which provide unique insights in to the […]


How human is your CRM?

“AI is serendipity. It is here to liberate us from routine jobs, and it is here to remind us what it is that makes us human.” The first time I heard that quote from Kai-Fu Lee, it made me think about how in this ever-increasingly digital existence we have lost some of our compassion and […]


IoT and the 1-bit problem

There are already over 270 million connected devices in the UK which maps to just over 4 devices per person, and Gartner estimates that there will be 25.1 billion connected ‘things’ globally by 2021. While the consumer space has seen some incredible growth in Smart Things (homes, buildings, cars, buggies, and so on), its commercial […]

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