Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX Commodity Pricing

Introduction Many businesses have ingredients or components which are volatile and account for a large percentage of the cost. Microsoft Dynamics AX has a function where the sales prices can be indexed directly to the commodity cost.   This function is referred to as commodity pricing.  In this narrative, we will discuss real-life implementations of […]

Microsoft Dynamics AX Consolidated Batch Orders

Consolidated batch orders are the cornerstone of how Microsoft Dynamics AX supports containerized packaging.  Consolidated batch orders are intended to aid batch process manufacturers in constructing more economical batch sizes, reduce finished products inventory and achieve better yields. A number of manufacturers need the ability to synchronize the creation and packaging of multiple finished products […]

Standard Warehousing (WMS, or WMSII) versus Advanced Warehousing in Microsoft Dynamics AX (WAX, or WHS)?

In Microsoft Dynamics AX2012 R3, Microsoft introduced Advanced Warehousing, often called WAX, or WHS. This introduction became a “dynamic” shift for Microsoft ERP solutions bringing an industry standard advanced warehousing solution to the core of the product, eliminating the need for an expensive add-on or ISV module. This blog is intended to help users understand […]

What’s New for the General Journal and Microsoft Excel Functionality in the new Microsoft Dynamics AX (V7)

The general journal is a powerful tool in Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Journals are used to create manual transactions that can affect anything from the ledger to customers, vendors, and more once posted.  Before posting though, setup can demand mandatory reviews, approvals, and more.  With such wide versatility, the general journal is used practically daily.  For […]

The New Microsoft Dynamics AX (V7) and Performance improvements in Master Planning

The new Microsoft Dynamics AX Performance improvements has made some performance improvements to master planning.  In order to talk to these improvements, I’ll first explain how master planning works in Microsoft Dynamics AX.  Each thread goes through the following steps as part of MRP: Preparation – meta data; consistency checks (BOM circularity; BOM level) Demand […]

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