Dynamics Project Service Automation (PSA)

Understanding PSA Data: Blog 13: Bookable Resource Category Association

Microsoft Dynamics PSA Bookable Resource Category Association Bookable resource roles link the roles in PSA to a bookable resource. It is a go-between record that lists all roles that bookable resources have associated with them as seen below. Example Bookable Resource Role Essentially, a bookable resource category association will link the new role to the […]

Understanding PSA Data: Blog 14: Role Competency Requirements

Role competency requirements are the skills associated with a resource role i.e. a Project Manager may have linked skills of Agile Methodology and SCRUM. Example Role Competency Requirement Role competency requirements can be added by accessing the role form and using the sub grid labelled ‘Skills’. Importance of Role Competency Requirements Role competency requirements are […]

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics PSA Data: Rating Models and Rating Values : Blog 15:

Rating models are also known as Proficiency Models in PSA. Rating models are required for import if you wish to be able to rate the level of skill/certification that a resource has for that specific skill i.e. resource X is ‘Proficient’ in the skill ‘Agile Methodology’. Rating models and rating values are required for a […]

Understanding PSA Data: Blog 16: Bookable Resource Characteristic

Understanding Microsoft Dynamics 365 PSA Data: Bookable Resource Characteristic: Importing/Setup bookable resource characteristics will allow you to assign multiple skills to bookable resources. It is the go-between entity that associates a bookable resource (an individual) with a characteristic (skill). If you were to manually do this, you would navigate to a bookable resource record and […]

Understanding PSA Data: Blog 17: Other Valuable setup

Business Closures Business closures are important in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Professional Services and they can have a big influence on resource planning. Setting up business closures will allow you to specify whether certain resources observe business closures, allowing the resource allocator to determine whether a resource is available to work. Ensure business closures are […]

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