This is how HR teams become more efficient with Microsoft’s AI technology

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This is how HR teams become more efficient with Microsoft’s AI technology

Dynamics 365 Human Resources uses artificial intelligence to transform HR.

AI or artificial intelligence is one of the big buzzwords in technology. It is something that becomes part of our everyday lives. Whether it’s asking Alexa to play music or asking Cortana to remind you to book an important appointment, we’re increasingly using artificial intelligence to improve our lives. The same goes for our professional lives, where the number of AI solutions available to businesses is increasing at an exponential rate.

Sometimes the HR sector can seem left out in terms of new technology and development. But if you dig a little, there are many options now available, which provide a large number of benefits.

So what opportunities are available in the HR work area?


For companies already benefiting from the Dynamics 365 Human Resources application, there is a Microsoft Teams app that is currently in preview.

This not only provides the benefit of allowing employees to register vacations without leaving the Teams app, they can also do so by talking to a chatbot.

A quick conversation with a chatbot can easily indicate how many vacation days the employee has left or help register vacation. It can save precious time for both new and old employees.

The employee can quickly check the information without ever having to launch another application or web page. It speeds up the process and it also means that HR is not flooded with endless questions regarding holidays and days off. It is likely that Microsoft will soon add additional functionality to this, making the lives of employees and HR teams easier.

For customers who are not yet using the Dynamics 365 Human Resources application and who are still eager to use Microsoft technologies, there is a solution called Power Virtual Agents, one of Microsoft’s Power Platform applications. Power Virtual Agents allows you to develop a chatbot that can quickly and easily answer employees’ HR questions. The agent can be preloaded with a series of questions and answers to cover both the most common queries, but also the more niche queries that HR teams receive daily. It is a great solution with low code or no code that can be the starting point for your HR department’s journey with AI. This chatbot can then be loaded on your Microsoft Teams website, on your website or even in an app for your staff, depending on what works best for your organization.

Feel the atmosphere with surveys

Almost every HR team will at one point in the year send one or more surveys to their employees.

The analysis of these studies may take time. While there will always be a need for human interaction, AI technology can help a lot. If the survey is sent out using Microsoft Forms, the built-in AI technology analyses the responses your employees provide. It interprets whether the mood is positive or negative for both individual questions and the overall study. This helps to get an early overview of the employees’ thoughts. It provides good opportunities for improvements in questionnaire surveys in the future and Microsoft’s updates to the system will continuously provide new opportunities for your HR team.

HR teams can focus on strategy instead of administration

The common feature with the mentioned topics is to avoid HR teams spending unnecessary time on (boring) administration tasks. While these tasks are important, they are time consuming and are not the best way to spend your employees’ time. Taking a technological AI approach to these types of tasks helps your team members become more efficient. Your HR team will also be more motivated if their daily tasks become less repetitive and cumbersome. Let’s face it, most people do not take a career in HR because they love administrative tasks. They do it because they like the human part of the job. If you are trying to attract the best employees to your business, the culture of your organization will be the key. A HR team fully equipped to spend time shaping this culture, rather than on administration.


Want to find out more about Microsoft Dyanmics 365 Human Resources? We have an upcoming webinar covering an overview into the solution. Find out more below.

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