Top tips for leading your people through a technology change

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Top tips for leading your people through a technology change

With the introduction of new technology, such as Dynamics 365 within your company change is expected. These changes will have an impact on your team, how you manage that is key to the success of your project, and ultimately the success of your business.

In this short video Rory Smith, Head of People Advisory Services for DXC’s Microsoft practice discusses the values of leading your people through change. It recognises the importance of connecting your people, customers, products and data to achieve new business outcomes; and applying a competency-based approach to embed new ways of working.

He also helpfully provides his “Top Tips” on how to plan and execute technology training to upskill your teams and transition them to how they will do their jobs in the future.

We hope you enjoy watching the video below.

If you are embarking on implementing a software or process change within your business and need support with planning and execution and know how to manage that change effectively then please get in touch with us at DXC technology’s Microsoft Practice via

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Presenter: Rory Smith.

Rory is the Head of People Advisory Services at the Microsoft Practice within DXC Technology (UKI). He is a change leader with 10+ years’ experience delivering transformational change programmes across industries in the public, private and charity sectors.  Rory’s fundamental view of transformational change: people, ideas, and technology – in that order! Rory focuses his efforts on maximising technology adoption through creative people focussed initiatives. He is instrumental in coaching Senior Managers through business change to enable successful transformation programmes, with a reputation for energy, rigour and results!

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