Understanding PSA Data: Blog 12: Bookable Resources

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Understanding PSA Data: Blog 12: Bookable Resources

Microsoft Dynamics PSA Bookable Resources

Bookable resources are the physical resources that can be booked to a project and WBS project tasks. To create a bookable resource, a user/contact/account record must already be created and this can only be done per individual i.e. one user cannot have two bookable resource records.

Microsoft Dynamics PSA Bookable Resources : ebecs

Example Bookable Resource
A bookable resource record’s name should match their ‘resource type record’. For instance, if there is a contact called Abraham McCormick their bookable resource record should be Abraham McCormick, as seen below. This does automatically populate on manual creation of a bookable resource record.

Dynamics PSA Bookable Resources : ebecs

A bookable resource will have skills and roles associated with it, as well as one default role i.e. a bookable resource may be a functional consultant as their default role but they could also hold the role of pre-sales consultant. Once the record is created, they can then be hard booked to ‘generic resource’ requirements on a project.

Dynamics PSA Generic Resource

They can also be associated with certain tasks on a WBS.

Dynamics PSA Bookable Resources : ebecs

The Importance of Bookable Resources in PSA

  • Bookable resources are fundamental to PSA in the sense without bookable resources in the system, you cannot resource a project team and see who is available for a certain project.
  • They are key to a resource manager in checking who is available for a project, if they have the right skills and if they hold the correct roles.
  • Therefore, bookable resource records are the basis of resource allocation in PSA.

Technical Details

  • This entity is called ‘Bookable Resource’ in PSA.
  • This entity is shared with D365 Field Service.
  • Schema name – bookableresource
  • The “Name” should match PRECISELY to the user/contact that you wish to link the record to. It may be easier to use email address here to lookup users
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