Understanding PSA Data: Blog 9: Invoice Frequency

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Understanding PSA Data: Blog 9: Invoice Frequency

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Microsoft Dynamics PSA Invoice Frequency

Microsoft Dynamics PSA: Invoice Frequency is an entity in Project Service that stores the attribute values that help to express the frequency of invoice creation. The following are the attributes for expressing Invoice Frequency in Project Service:

  • Period: Supported values are Monthly, Biweekly and Weekly.
  • Runs per period: For Weekly and Biweekly periods, only one run per period is supported. For Monthly period, Project Service can support from 1 – 4 runs per period.
  • Days of Run: Days on which invoicing should run. This can be expressed in 2 ways:
    • In terms of Weekdays such as Every Monday or every 2nd Monday etc. This setup is preferred by customers that have requirements to fix invoicing to run on a working day every time.
    • In terms of Day of Period: Such as on the 7th and the 21st of every month. This kind of setup is preferred by some organizations since it ensures that invoicing runs on a fixed date(s) every month.

Example Invoice Frequency

Importance of Invoice Frequency
In PSA, each Quote line can specify its own invoice schedule. To create an Invoice Schedule, the following must be provided:

  • Billing Start
  • A delivery date that will represent the Billing end date on the project
  • An invoice frequency

Using these 3 attribute values of each quote line, Project Service can generate a tentative set of dates on which to run invoicing.

Example Invoice Frequency

  • This is a fairly simple set of reference data on which the foundations of PSA are built. No lookups or references to other entities exist on this upload
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