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Cloud Assessment

Today, most future-looking companies have a cloud migration strategy. Is your organization prepared for the journey to the Cloud?

Microsoft Azure Cloud Assessment

eBECS, a DXC Technology company, understands that moving to the Cloud is a challenging project for many organisations. To help you on this journey, we offer a no-obligation, Cloud Ready Assessment, where over the course of a day, or a couple of days, our experts will work with you to help you investigate and define your cloud strategy up-front, ahead of making any crucial investment decisions. We’ll give you advice on what to prioritise to add maximum value to your business with the least disruption.

What does our Cloud Ready Assessment include?

  • Understanding your business strategy and priorities
  • Comprehensive review of Azure Services
  • Best practice around prioritizing workloads
  • Identity and infrastructure required to get started
  • Review of existing workloads and migration paths
  • Leveraging the cloud to protect critical assets
  • Administration, maintenance and controls
  • Security and Privacy considerations
  • Developing your Cloud Adoption Roadmap
  • Planning proof-of-concepts to begin the journey
  • A Summary Report, covering:
      • Identifications of workloads that you could move to the cloud
      • How you can prioritise your workload
      • Indicative total cost of ownership predictions

Interested in booking a bespoke Cloud Ready Assessment?

Complete the Contact Us form with the comment ‘Cloud Ready Assessment request’ or simply send an email with the same subject title to

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