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Enterprise – Operating Services is responsible for the installation and maintenance of Water Meters on behalf of Amey PLC.

Historically Enterprise Metering Services undertook the management of metering works utilizing a legacy IBM Mainframe system. The system was developed by its client (Enterprise PLC) to share job information with Enterprise PLC Metering Services. At the point when Enterprise PLC took the decision to retire the legacy system this left a system gap allowing the opportunity to deploy a new contemporary solution.

Solution requirements: Enterprise Metering Services require a flexible and scalable solution able to retrieve and upload job data from Enterprise’s new system. The system must also integrate with the existing Field Mobility Solution.

Enterprise Metering Services have worked in collaboration with eBECS to configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The solution has multiple integration points with 3rd party systems allowing cases to be progressed through an Input -> Transformation -> Output process. Within the last year Microsoft Dynamics CRM has facilitated the successful completion of over 100,000 Water Meter installations and repairs.

STMS’s end to end service incorporates the following activities:

• Receipt of work orders from a business client’s web portal.

• A multi-media customer interface effectively establishing customer contact and generating   an appointment for a service engineer to attend the property.

• Planning and scheduling activities to ensure operational work schedules are optimized.

• Site work completed by field workers operating a 3rd party Field Mobility Solution*      (*supplied by TBS – also a Microsoft Gold Partner).

• Quality checking and auditing of data captured prior to submission back to the business     client.

• An outward interface with the business clients system to progress payment for completion of  works.

The STMS CRM is configured with mandatory fields specifically used to record OFWAT Service Incentive Mechanism (SIM) data. This includes the reason for contact, whether the customer is domestic or commercial, repeat calls and complaints.  The quantitative SIM data is logged for every inbound customer contact activity; allowing reports to be generated identifying wanted and unwanted contact.

The CRM system is configured to assign automated contact activities to queues or users to form part of a proactively managed contact process. In such instances where activities are automatically generated through workflows, there is the capability to measure the volume and age of activities scheduled, completed, past due date, as well as measuring the average timescales for completion (activity queue time).

The solution is used to provide business intelligence and management information through dynamic reports that update live data to Managers or business client’s desktops. These reports detail the volume of work held at each stage of the process. These live reports allow the Manager to drill down to individual user workload level, allowing task completion and workloads to be measured. This tool facilitates effective and diverse performance management of an either individuals, teams, or at a strategic objective level.

Five key benefits realized through implementation of solution include:

1. Process efficiencies and streamlining through the automation of operation and service   activities.

2. Effective live reporting for both Users and Managers.

3. Integration with 3rd party systems to reduce task duplication.

4. Greatly improved turnaround time scales for service and contact activities, due to increased visibility.

5. Unification of a number of disparate systems into one singular managed solution.


Amey completed the purchase of Enterprise plc on April 8th, 2013 and created a combined organisation that is one of the UK’s most diverse service providers operating in the UK public and regulated sectors. Amey now employ c21,000 employees and have a turnover of around £2.3bn.”

Solution overview

21,000 Employees
Enterprise – Operating Services is responsible for the installation and maintenance of Water Meters on behalf of Amey PLC. With 200 UK offices , the group brings together the industry’s brightest minds, advanced technologies and quality products to help its clients meet their water and wastewater challenges
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011
Utility Industry

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