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Chinese Language Publishing Ltd

Chinese language Publishing Limited creates courses for foreign language training and has created a set of learning resources for children aged from 5 to 16 years and they have 670 customers in 67 countries. The company works with HANBAN, which is part of the Chinese Government that is responsible for delivering Chinese language and culture across the world.

Some of the key benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

  • Constantly improving customer service through knowing what the customer is buying and downloading, and how they are using the resources.
  • Easy to use interfaces and systems that make it easy to maintain contact with customers on almost a daily basis rather just every few months.
  • The ability to create a ‘partner’ relationship with customers, rather than a just a selling operation.
  • Big company IT capability but at small company prices; for example, there are no expensive hosting costs.
  • A professional marketing capability and appearance without the need to employ more staff.
  • Seamless linking to blogs, Twitter and Facebook, which is where the vast majority of its customers search for information and feedback.
  • Initial fear of a new CRM system quickly addressed by being up and running in just two days, which included importing a complex international database.
  • A Cloud solution that is fast, easy to use and available 24×7 and offers complete peace of mind that all the company the data is safe.
  • The realisation that the business is fundamentally an IT services company and relies on IT as a central part of its business.

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Solution overview

670 Customers worldwide
Online Chinese language learning
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"We now have the ability to build a structural relationship into our data that tells us what our customers are doing. We have accurate details of what they're buying, what they're downloading and how they are using those resources, which enable us to get to know who they are and what they need."
Michael Copleston
Managing Director

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