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JJ Food Service Retains Competitive Edge with Streamlined Operations

Established in 1989 JJ Food Service is one of the leading independent distribution companies in the United Kingdom. Visionary entrepreneur, Mustafa Kiamil, has grown the business into one of the industry’s most efficient wholesalers through its new IT systems and the doubling-up of delivered depots as cash & carries.

JJ Food Service has an authentic edge in the UK when it comes to exporting. With a prime location next to mainland Europe and outstanding transport infrastructure, the company has superior access to consumers in the European Market. They have a wealth of experience and resources in food supply, not to mention outstanding products. They are currently using these advantages to expand their export service, both to improve the business and to offer additional markets for suppliers.


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Key benefits:-

  • 20 hours of customer waiting time per day, cut order processing times by almost 25% and increased order levels by 50% -without increasing staff
  • Gained capacity to load an extra 40 trucks per day, enabling increased business capacity through efficient stock and delivery management
  • Gained a single view of their business across all functions and across multiple sites to enable enhanced business decision making
  • Processed an additional £31 million of business with the same resources
  • Reduced inventory and, through real time stock availability, allow the operation of a true JIT(just in time) delivery model to improve customer satisfaction
  • JJ Food Service nearly doubled its pre-tax profit for the year ending March 2008, net profit of 7.4% was among the best performances within the sector.

Solution Timeline

  • Replacement of Pegasus Opera given it couldn’t cope with transaction volumes and growth plans
  • Selected Microsoft Dynamics AX over SAP in 2004
  • Implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX 3.0 in 2005
  • Winner of the British Computer Society Award for most successful core business implementation in 2006
  • Winner of the Microsoft Overall Customer Excellence award in 2007
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 in October 2008
  • Introduced Online Ordering in January 2009. Within 6 months it accounted for 37% of all JJ sales.
  • Went live on hand held invoicing systems 2009
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Dynamics AX in 2012

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Solution overview

Turnover £140 Million
Established in 1989, now employing over 700 people, JJ Food Service is one of the leading independent distribution companies in the United Kingdom and was the winner of the Grocer Gold Award - Wholesaler of the Year 2009.
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Call Centre Management in Microsoft Dynamics AX
Food Service Distribution
Distribution transportation and Logistics


"Within six months, the combination of the new solution and effective promotions has increased orders by 50% to 2,200 a day, without increasing staff. Our average truck takes out £3,000 worth of goods, thus making our distribution centre capable of handling an extra £31 million worth of business a year using the same resources."
Mustafa Kiamil
Chief Executive Officer and Owner

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