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It’s apparent when you visit that you are visiting a site created by music lovers.

Music starts up. You’re asked if you are a music fan, an unsigned artist or band, or if you want to fi nance or trade artists and bands. You register, and before you know it, you have your slice of the music pie.

Slicethepie is more than just a cool website though – it’s a way for artists to raise money to put out an album. After being up for only four and a half months, Slicethepie has already exceeded its year-end goal of 25,000 members worldwide (6,000 of which are artists), and has notable success stories. One is Gilkicker, a UK-based Indie rock band. The band raised $30,000 in just one week through, and has attracted a record label.

It’s hard to believe that the concept was first conceived only two years ago. What began as a simple question: “If artists are unable to make a decent living, will music inevitably decline in quality?” has quickly become a full-blown company. The group quickly began its quest for an integrated ERP/CRM system. “We knew that from day-one of the website launch, we needed to be able to operate efficiently and effectively with all of our systems and processes running smoothly,” says Operations Manager Steve Cox. “We were looking for a system that would sustain our growth over the next several years, but wouldn’t involve a half a million pound investment.”

Slicethepie looked to eBECS to provide a recommendation, and, after comparing several vendors, chose Microsoft Dynamics ERP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. “The fantastic thing about eBECS is that they sit down with us regularly and look at what we need both now and in the future,” says Cox. “They keep us well-informed of all of our options.”

Slicethepie selected Dynamics CRM to manage the vast amount of data gathered on the website, to move members down the Slicethepie path, and to offer excellent customer service. Dynamics CRM, along with c360, manage each site registrant through the process from someone listening to music in a scout room, to becoming a 5-star rated scout, to a financial investor if that’s the path they will choose. “We know that not everyone who is a music lover will become a music investor or trader,” says Cox. “It takes different personalities to fi ll those different roles. But we give everyone the opportunity to decide how they want to participate.”

Each message sent to Slicethepie members through Dynamics CRM is in HTML, reflecting the color scheme of the website and reinforcing brand imaging. “We have received positive feedback already on the level of service we are able to offer because of Dynamics CRM,” comments Cox. Slicethepie is using the sales and marketing functions within Dynamics CRM as well. “Dynamics CRM was the logical choice for us, and it has already proven itself.”

Future Plans

Slicethepie is looking at Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Vista Gadgets as potential next steps. “This is exactly why we chose eBECS as our Microsoft provider,” says Cox. “They are looking into the future for us and will help us determine what’s coming next.”

Solution overview

Slicethepie is an award winning online financing platform for Artists. Music fans get paid to review and rate upcoming talent, and the most popular artists then go on to raise money from their fans to record and release an E.P or album. Music fans, you can support emerging talent and be apart of helping your favourite Artists make their next release!
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"This is exactly why we chose eBECS as our Microsoft provider,” says Cox. “They are looking into the future for us and will help us determine what’s coming next."
Steve Cox
Operations Manager

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