eBECS Data Modernisation Service

eBECS Data Modernisation Service

Discover how to modernise your Data Warehouse to reveal and exploit new business insight.

Traditional Data Warehouses were never designed to contain – let alone secure – the vast range of data types and data sources that are available to businesses today. Alongside operational data from enterprise systems, businesses are now bombarded with data from cloud-connected devices like vending machines and remote environmental sensors, social media posts and websites.

These new data streams present exciting opportunities for organisations to identify patterns and gain incredible new insight into real-time market trends, business profitability and consumer buying habits. Yet, without an effective way to capture, secure, consolidate and analyse all this structured and semi-structured data, businesses will be unable to react quickly enough to opportunities and will waste money on short term, siloed approaches to data management.

The benefits
With a modern, cloud-based data platform, delivered by eBECS on Microsoft Technology, you will be able to:

  • Uncover greater business insight by assimilating and understanding a wider source of data
  • Increase employee productivity by making better information available at the right time
  • Enhance your business agility by delivering the ability to consume new sources of data on demand
  • Improve data security and governance with consistently applied, centralized procedures
  • Reduce costs through more effective, hosted data management and data storage

How do you modernise?

With more than 30 different data storage, data analysis and data collection products available on Microsoft’s Azure platform alone, it isn’t easy to determine the best approach to a data modernisation project. What is more, success will depend not only on the technology, but on the best application of migration and business transformation tools and project methodologies.

The first step in any data modernisation project should be to assess your existing capabilities, understand your requirements and build a vision for a truly data-driven business. eBECS offers a Data Modernisation Service to help organisations through this discovery process and design a state-of-the-art Data Warehouse platform.

    1. Identify business value

Working in close collaboration with your in-house data managers, eBECS will identify the value that your business will gain from a data modernisation project, so that you can be assured of the benefits before you start to invest in new technology. Experts in Microsoft data solutions, the eBECS consultants will pinpoint the gaps in your current data capabilities. They will then develop detailed solution roadmaps and migration plans to steer you towards the achievement of your goals.

    1. Accelerate the journey

To accelerate the solution design process and ensure that all options are fully considered, eBECS employs a portfolio of process templates and automation tools. eBECS also develops roadmaps and migration plans based on agile, iterative project methodologies. In these ways, it reduces the time to benefit for its customers, contains project costs and side-steps the risks often associated with ‘big bang’ delivery methods.

A Microsoft solution from a Microsoft Gold Partner

Through its Data Modernisation Service, eBECS will design a modern Data Warehouse for your business based on Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure platform. Developed to meet your precise requirements, the solution can comprise and integrate any number of Microsoft products including Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure SQL Database, HDInsight, Power BI and Data Lake Analytics.

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