eBECS Master Resource Planning (MRP) Offering

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eBECS Master Resource Planning (MRP) Offering

Still using spreadsheets to run your business resource planning? Struggling to keep track of your dynamic supply chain as you try to manage your vendors and customers? If so, it may be time to consider using the standard MRP engine in Dynamics AX. If setup correctly, MRP will alleviate many of the pain points experienced by your planning team, and maximize the overall return on investment of the ERP. Below is a summary of what can be expected from the eBECS MRP Offering. Our consulting experts will work closely with your team to understand how your business operates, what current pain points you have in your supply chain, and analyze the different products you buy, manufacture, and sell.

Timeline to get MRP up and running in your business – 1 Week Total

  • 1 day discovery to learn about your current business process, what your goals are for a future state, and current pain points.
  • 1 day overview training to train your team on all the standard functionality part of MRP in Dynamics AX. This will give the team the knowledge to help build the best solution.
  • 1 day configuration to set up all the master data to get your system up and running.
  • 2 day testing to ensure the system is running correctly and providing the right results with real data.

Topics to Cover in AX

  • Create and maintain forecasts
  • Master plans
  • Item Coverage groups
  • Negative days
  • Positive days
  • Dynamic negative days
  • Lead times
  • Default order settings
  • Safety stock
  • Safety stock calculations
  • Planned orders
  • Actions messages
  • Future messages
  • Running master scheduling


The training and configuration will be completed on the customers system. eBECS consultants will require access to a test environment in order to setup the appropriate data and lead the training. It is recommended that all initial testing and configuration be done in a TEST environment before moving the configuration to the LIVE environment. Customer data is quickly able to be updated, this may take more time depending on the situation.  More complex MRP or forecasting scenarios may take more time.

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