eBECS Post Implementation Checklist

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eBECS Post Implementation Checklist

Business Strategy

  • How will this system better enable me to execute my business strategy?
  • Is this system, as currently implemented, adequate to support my business growth projections?

Support and Training

  • Could further training improve the level of benefits delivered or reduce ongoing costs?
  • Could additional documentation improve the operations of the new system?
  • Is the current post go-live support program responsive and effective?

Business Process Alignment

  • Have your company’s business processes been flowcharted and documented?
  • Are there changes in business processes that could improve benefits delivered or reduce ongoing costs?

Reporting and Data Analysis

  • Is your system providing the information that is required to run the business?
  • Is there a need for additional reporting or data analysis?
  • Do users have the tools necessary to access data without costly programming efforts?


  • Is there adequate security in place?  
  • Is data integrity being maintained within the system and in relation to integrated systems?


  • Are users of the system satisfied with its performance and capabilities? 
  • Are third parties such as customers and suppliers satisfied with the service?
  • Does the system process transactions at an adequate speed?
  • Has the system demonstrated an ability to handle peak loads expected mid or long-term?
  • Are your employees following critical operational procedures (maintenance, backup, recovery, etc.)?

Total Cost of Ownership

  • What is the actual operating cost of the new system?
  • How does the actual operating cost of the system compare with what was anticipated?

Open Issues

  • Are there still gaps between planned versus delivered requirements?
  • Are there any remaining challenges required to complete the implementation?
  • Is the process completely finished?

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