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eBECS is a Microsoft PowerApps launch partner and a member of the PowerApps Advisory Board. As a result, eBECS was amongst the first implementers to deliver Microsoft’s PowerApps – to enable agility when connecting and sharing data across your business, and with the customers it serves. eBECS delivered the first business apps built with PowerApps – for Fitness First, one of the largest gym, health and fitness club groups in the world.

“We will build customer and business-focused apps around particular events such as Wimbledon, the Olympics and, of course, the post-Christmas period when many people decide they need to get fit. We will also build for specific health campaigns such as the Government’s current Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease and Obesity push… PowerApps allows us to build new apps very fast, get the benefits straight away, beat the market and then move on to the next commercial task.” Ed Hutt, Group Chief Information Officer, Fitness First.

Using Microsoft PowerApps, business apps that work across different products can be built in weeks, not months. There’s no absolute need for pro developers, as PowerApps puts the power to connect, create and share in the hands of business users.

Microsoft PowerApps UK

eBECS develops PowerApps both for – and alongside – its customers

eBECS can create PowerApps for customers or co-build with the customer. We can apply our extensive knowledge of the Microsoft stack to assist with any aspect of PowerApps. The result: powerful, rapidly deployed business apps that operate across your organisation and devices to promote collaboration and drive efficiencies, as well as to get closer to customers.

Microsoft PowerApps explained

PowerApps is an enterprise software service for innovators anywhere to connect, create and share business apps.

  • PowerApps dramatically accelerates the speed at which both internal and customer-facing business apps can be built, connected and rolled out to any device
  • It’s a tool that even non-programmers can use to build cross-product and cross-business apps
  • Business apps created with PowerApps improve productivity by allowing people to work quicker and smarter by having the data they need at their fingertips, wherever they are
  • These apps can work with a variety of online and on-premises data sources including business applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, AX and NAV, and SharePoint.

Business users can innovate on their own

PowerApps brings together the tools business people use every day, allowing you to create apps yourself using familiar Office skills.

Pro developers can scale and build faster than ever before

Web and mobile apps can be built faster with Azure App Service. Pros can also choose to code in their favourite language and IDE – .NET, NodeJS, PHP, Python or Java. They can also quickly create and expose APIs across various sources.

IT can make data available everywhere – and keep it secure

PowerApps operates in a secure environment and comes with view or edit permissions, so enterprise manageability is built in. IT can centrally manage all APIs – on-premises and Cloud-based. They can monitor and manage API access and also control app permissions with Azure Active Directory.

Connect, Create and Share

  • Connect across your data from the Cloud to on-premises.
  • Create business apps with easy visual tools and powerful Cloud services.
  • Share securely with your team across devices.

Examples of PowerApps in action

Engage your employees and customers – Instant customer or staff surveys, event-specific sign-ups and support, and workplace/location/campus-specific resources.

Run your business everywhere – Issue tracking across systems, breaking customer news and success stories, assisted sales/customer experiences.

Mobilise mission-critical systems – SharePoint apps, time and expenses tracking, ERP and CRM system access on mobile devices.

Please contact eBECS for further information and a PowerApps demonstration.

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