Do you want to integrate Events, Membership & Committee Management?

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Do you want to integrate Events, Membership & Committee Management?

Fri, 25, Oct, 2019 11:00AM - 11:30AM BST

Join us for this essential 30-minute webinar to explain more about the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 Event, Committee and Membership Management app.

This is a new business app for organisations that need to integrate the management of Events and Memberships within Dynamics 365.

This webinar will provide an overview and demonstration of the key functionality in the Events, Membership and Committee module, including:

  • Event Management – allows you to create and manage events within Dynamics 365 and includes an Events Portal for advertising and customer event registration.
  • Membership Management – where you can define the different types of membership you offer, plus your customers can use the Event Portal to register for new memberships or renew existing ones.
  • Committee Management – is a structure through which documents, knowledge and meeting requests can be shared within a group of pre-defined users.
  • Table Planning – allowing you to plan the room layout and define the number of tables and seating arrangements.
  • SharePoint – which can be used to manage Committee documents.

This webinar is suitable for existing Microsoft Dynamics Customer Engagement customers or anyone with an interest in event management or membership management.


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