How to get the most out of email automation with ClickDimensions

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How to get the most out of email automation with ClickDimensions

Tue, 11, Jul, 2017 13:30PM - 14:00PM BST - 08:30AM - 09:00AM EDT

In support of the release of the May ClickDimensions update, which introduces essential and exciting new triggers and actions to Campaign Automation, eBECS will be running a brief webinar to present how to get the most out of email automation through ClickDimensions.  The webinar will cover your choices when it comes to automating email delivery through ClickDimensions, presenting examples for use, along with how to manage ClickDimensions updates should you find yourself still on an earlier version.

The webinar will cover the following:

Overview of Email Automation (your options)

  • Nurture Program vs. Campaign Automation
  • Process Workflow automation

Overview of building Campaign Automation, including utilising the new release features

    • Examples for building automation for:
  • Lead Management
    • Example. Gym membership Sign-up
  • Renewal Management
    • Example. Annual Membership Renewal
  • Customer Data Self Cleanse Campaign
    • Example. Annual client data maintenance and subscription management
      • Demonstration of the eBECS Hard Bounce Managed Solution
  • Survey Feedback
    • Example. Post event feedback with Service Case escalation

Overview on ClickDimensions Workflow Actions

  • Sending a ClickDimensions Email to a recipient through Workflow automation;
  • Adding and removing List Members from a static Marketing list though Workflow automation.

Campaign Automation and Scoring Metrics

  • How to add the Campaign Automation and Profile navigation customer form menu items to a system form.

Managing ClickDimensions Updates

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