Rapid banking transformation with DXC Connected Bank-as-a-Service

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Rapid banking transformation with DXC Connected Bank-as-a-Service

Wed, 9, Jun, 2021 12:00PM - 12:30PM BST

Hear first-hand how DXC Technology’s new Connected Bank-as-a-Service solution allows banks of any scale, maturity, or complexity to truly transform, without the typical constraints.
Provide great products more quickly that are relevant to your target customers, offer exceptional customer service and effectively manage a cost-base that allows you to be resilient and profitable throughout the economic cycle. Plus, there’s no capital expenditure requirement and no disruption to existing programmes.

Sound too good to be true? Register for our webinar today to understand more about it. We’ll be covering the following topics:
• What is DXC’s Connected Bank-as-a-Service solution?
• What are the product and service offering scenarios?
• What are the deployment options?
• Interested? What are the next steps?

This webinar is suitable for any financial services company considering a move to banking-as-a-service or the benefits of moving to a managed service.

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