Utilising Data Vault in an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

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Utilising Data Vault in an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

Mon, 26, Nov, 2018 14:00PM - 14:45PM GMT - 09:00AM - 09:45AM EST

Join us for this high-level introduction to the use of the Data Vault methodology to develop a future proof data warehouse for your business.

Traditionally, data warehouses have been designed in one of two ways – top-down (Bill Inmon) or bottom-up (Ralph Kimball). The bottom-up approach (star schema) is the most utilised data warehouse methodology in the world. Both techniques still have their place in modern data warehousing. However, businesses face a number of challenges with managing/maintaining them.

Over many years, Inmon and Kimball-style data warehouses have both suffered with poor performance, silo data marts, out of date requirements and perhaps worst of all – multiple versions of the truth.

Towards the end of the last century, another methodology arose – called Data Vault. This data warehousing technique is designed specifically to react to business and technical change, handle large amounts of data and facilitate a truly organic data platform. At eBECS, we endorse Data Vault for all Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) projects. Its core strengths and adaptability ensure we help the customer develop a fully scalable, future proof data warehouse.

In this 45-minute introductory session, we will not only educate you on the Data Vault data warehousing methodology, but also provide examples of successful customers and use cases. Please look out for future webinars where we will focus more specifically on the technical process and supporting Data Vault artefacts.

What this webinar will cover:

• What is Data Vault?
• Architecture
• Data Vault Structure
• Automation
• Case Study
• Next Steps, including our Business Intelligence Strategy Review

Who is this webinar for?

This webinar is for key decision makers keen to understand the most appropriate way to develop and maintain a data warehouse to support their business. CEOs, CIOs, CFOs and CTOs in particular will find much of value in this session.

We do hope you can join us.

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