Specialists in Automotive OEM

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Specialists in Automotive OEM

The eBECS Automotive OEM Solution is designed specifically for vehicle manufacturers in the following sectors:

  • Consumer Passenger Cars
  • Military vehicles
  • Commercial Passenger Vehicles
  • Civil Vehicles

eBECS has worked with a number of vehicle manufacturers and understands the challenges this industry faces: the need to deliver high quality, highly configurable products at a competitive price that precisely meet customer expectations.

Market background

eBECS recognises that all automotive organisations will have implemented some type of automotive ERP, CRM or manufacturing solution. However, these systems are often outdated and do not include the latest methodologies and technologies needed to exchange data with the extended supply chain. Hence, many vehicle manufacturers are struggling to compete in today’s challenging automotive environment.

Business leaders need up-to-date facts, figures, trends and information at their fingertips – as things happen – to be able to see what is really going on in their business. To be effective and make the right decisions, they need real-time information on customer service, inventory, availability and manufacturing status. The flexibility to adapt to ever-changing needs of customers and to respond to compliance standards is imperative for success.

Microsoft Dynamics solutions can improve competitive advantage by providing visibility into the supply chain, streamlining processes and minimising the costs of carrying inventory.

eBECS’ extensive client base has been built upon the powerful combination of eBECS’ and Microsoft’s automotive knowledge, which has resulted in several clients adopting an end-to-end Microsoft solution.

The solution

The eBECS Automotive OEM solution offers numerous key benefits:

  • Implement an adaptable and flexible solution that recognises each organisation is different and shapes itself around the needs of the users
  • Co-ordinate and synchronise a complex supply chain
  • Schedule complex production to maximise plant capacity using efficient build plans
  • Synchronisation of your Engineering CAD/PLM system with your ERP business system
  • Use familiar Microsoft desktop tools to easily and efficiently access real-time data across multiple locations and companies
  • Measure and deliver industry- and customer-specific KPIs
  • Control Quality and manage the PPAP processes within your business
  • Integrate EDI and bar-coding seamlessly into the business applications.
  • Please note: In addition to this eBECS core OEM solution, we also offer our Automotive Supply Chain solution, [link to Automotive Supply Chain page] which is designed specifically for the OEM extended supply chain.

Lean Manufacturing

eBECS has made a significant investment in the automotive industry and a number of its clients have also adopted the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard Lean Manufacturing [link to LEAN manufacturing page] functionality. eBECS has also created additional Dynamics AX modules that drive greater efficiencies and cost savings for manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps manufacturing organisations implement, energise, and sustain lean manufacturing initiatives by delivering the tools and information support needed to streamline processes, reduce waste, enable demand-pull operations and promote continuous improvement.

Please contact eBECS if you would like to know more.

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