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Specialists in Automotive Supply Chain

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Automotive Supply Chain companies

The eBECS Automotive Supply Chain Solution is a unique solution designed specifically for Tier 1, 2 and 3 manufacturers – often referred to as ‘the automotive supply chain’ – who supply their products to the automotive OEMs, also known as the vehicle manufacturers.

A Tier 1 supplier will supply products direct to the vehicle manufacturer and is responsible for ensuring timely deliveries of high quality automotive parts.  Tier 2 and Tier 3 suppliers will provide raw materials or sub-assemblies via the supply chain.

Market background

At eBECS we see the automotive industry as more than just passenger cars being sold to the general public, we include military vehicles (such as tank manufacturers), commercial vehicles and civil vehicles (including emergency vehicles and waste recycling vehicles).

The supply chain within the automotive industry is a complex series of constantly changing demands driven by the vehicle manufacturers’ build schedules. OEMs no longer simply sell preconfigured models (such as three different car model choices of S, LX, GLX); they now make countless model versions or offer a ‘vehicle configurator’ to satisfy discerning buyers, who each order to their own specification.

The vehicle manufacturers’ sales schedules – which dictate what should be provided by whom, and by when –are provided months in advance but they frequently change with just one day’s notice, and there are harsh penalties for product failure and missing short-term schedules. With ever-decreasing margins to play with, many companies throughout the extended supply chain are finding it difficult to succeed.

The solution

The eBECS Automotive Supply Chain solution offers numerous key benefits:

  • Purchase and Sales Schedules are an integral part of the Automotive Supply Chain enabling customers and suppliers to synchronise material deliveries to ensure the supply chain flows efficiently. Revised sales schedules are imported into Dynamics AX, which, in turn, converts a sales schedule into a series of purchase schedules
  • A fully-integrated database of customers can be segmented into categories of interest and ownership to be tailored precisely to each and every customer to meet the demand created by the ever-increasing number of cars on the road
  • Self-billing is automated as OEMs wait to tell their suppliers what they’ve consumed and then the manufacturer bills accordingly, which is done online via Dynamics AX
  • Lower cost of ownership as Dynamics AX integrates seamlessly with the entire Microsoft stack
  • New product introductions are straight-forward as Dynamics AX allows each manufacturer to play its part with complete clarity on their role and forthcoming deadlines.
  • The plant maintenance/quality management module complies with the rigorous inspection regimes required by OEMs for reliable, well maintained machines that ensure orders can be produced in the correct quantities and to the highest quality. During testing, any problems in the supply chain are flagged immediately and alerts sent.

Please note: In addition to this eBECS Automotive Supply Chain solution, we also offer our eBECS Automotive OEM solution, which is designed specifically for Automotive OEMs.

Lean Manufacturing

eBECS has made a significant investment in the automotive industry and a number of its clients have also adopted the Microsoft Dynamics AX standard Lean Manufacturing functionality. eBECS has also created additional Dynamics AX modules that drive greater efficiencies and cost savings for manufacturing and distribution businesses.

Lean Manufacturing for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps manufacturing organisations implement, energise, and sustain lean manufacturing initiatives by delivering the tools and information support needed to streamline processes, reduce waste, enable demand-pull operations and promote continuous improvement.

Please contact eBECS if you would like to know more.

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