Building and Construction Material Manufacturing

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Building and Construction Material Manufacturing

From raw materials and building products to large structures, whether new or redevelopment projects, the business of manufacturing and supplying building products can be complex and challenging.  Far from being a single activity, eBECS understands that the provision of building and construction products can be a feat of multi-tasking between designers, project managers, architects and so on.

Companies that manufacturer and supply building products need to maintain a strong reputation for reliability, and that reputation is built on getting your customers what they need, when they need it.  To do this promptly and profitably demands visibility across your entire supply chain combined with the flexibility to act quickly.

eBECS knows that if an item is out-of-stock then you need to source it quickly or be able to offer a suitable alternative, and this requirement is especially important in a sector where the supply of products may be linked to a tightly scheduled construction project.

eBECS and Microsoft Dynamics

eBECS helps companies like Marshalls meet their customer, supplier and sourcing needs quickly and efficiently while helping them to keep tight control on their customer service, costs and margins.  Such solutions assist in improving interactions with customers and suppliers, and ultimately in making faster business decisions.

Manage Projects More Effectively

  • Improve project management and decision-making through immediate access to financial and accounting information across the entire organisation
  • Automate office operations such as time and billing to spend more time on value-added activities
  • Develop and enhance key business processes to increase productivity and profitability

Improve customer relations

  • Manage and track all customer-facing activities through multiple channels from project inception to completion
  • Access a unified view of customer information using a familiar desktop interface

Streamline internal communications

  • Improve communication between on-site personnel and head office
  • Provide all stakeholders with common, up-to-date information
  • Increase collaboration with Web portals and shared project document libraries
  • Configure role-based views of relevant data so that employees can easily access critical information

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